ZIIP HALO Anti-Ageing Device

The ZIIP HALO is everywhere at the moment and I’m always a little cautious when that happens.

Normally I’d put it down to a huge PR campaign push with the company sending devices to newspapers, glossy magazines, and irritatingly, young influencers for promotion.

I’m not interested in a 30-year-old extolling the virtues of an anti-ageing device, but I’ve actually known about the original ZIIP for years.

Way back in 2018 YouTuber Wayne Goss absolutely raved about this gadget and used it for a year before publishing his glowing review.

At the time, not that many people were talking about it so it slipped under my radar. This (I believe) is the second generation of the ZIIP.

ZIIP HALO is a powerful anti-aging beauty device that gives both immediate results and lasting benefits that just get better over time.
Powered by the iconic ZIIP Dual Waveform Technology ™, ZIIP HALO gives both immediate and long-lasting effects using varying frequencies of nanocurrent and microcurrent.


ZIIP HALO is pre-programmed (no app needed) with THE LIFT – a powerful 4-minute free-form nanocurrent and microcurrent facial that delivers instant results anytime, anywhere.

As long as you move the device upwards, the motion sensors will connect and you’ll see the effect.

The more you use your ZIIP HALO, the more natural the movements will feel.


Connect to the ZIIP App to unlock guided targeted treatments, full facials and pre-set plans.

Update your ZIIP HALO through the same app to sync your device to the newest treatment launches.

Treatments use varying levels of microcurrent and nanocurrent wavelengths to instantly achieve your desired results.

The plans combine numerous treatments followed over a number of days to reach your long-term skincare goals.


For best results, we recommend using your ZIIP HALO 3 to 5 times per week, with a maximum of 6 times per week when following a short term treatment plan.

Step 1. Apply 4-8 pumps of Electric Complex Gel (or any conductive gel ie ultrasound gel such as Anagel £4.95 for two 250ml bottles from Amazon) to clean, dry skin.

Step 2. Turn on your ZIIP HALO using the power button located between the silver globes to activate THE LIFT treatment.

Step 3. Starting on one side of your face, glide both silver globes upwards from your jawline to forehead.

Step 4. Once you feel the vibration (every 5 seconds), move your ZIIP HALO and repeat the movement. We recommend starting from the outside of your face and working your way in.

Step 5. When you hear the beep, move to the other side of your face and repeat.

Step 6. Your ZIIP HALO will automatically turn off after your 4-minute facial is complete.

Step 7. Your ZIIP HALO will always reset back to THE LIFT treatment when switched off. If you want to try a different treatment, sync your ZIIP HALO with another treatment via the ZIIP Beauty App.


ZIIP Conductive Gels (80ml) serve as a medium for the Dual Waveforms to effectively pass through the skin.

    • Silver works as an instant hydration-boost
    • Golden is ideal for anti-ageing
    • Crystal is a vegan formulation designed for increased radiance and repair

All 3 gels can be used as an intensive 20-minute masque, with or without your ZIIP HALO.

Apply 4 to 8 pumps on clean, dry skin for the full effect.


Expensive, aren’t they? However, the ZIIP Electric Complex Gel, 50ml – so not a lot, is a purely conductive formula that comes with every ZIIP HALO purchase.

This means you don’t have to buy any of the gels, just use a conductive gel. The ZIIP gels will certainly enhance results and add skincare benefits but they’re not essential.

Conductive gel is a unique electrolyte gel that enhances the penetration of agents into the skin for ultrasound or ions treatments by reducing electrical resistance.

It spreads easily and evenly and will not dry out under the electrodes.

You know my feelings about conductive gels and serums for anti-ageing devices. Click on the image for the full post.

Inexpensive serums for anti-ageing devicesTHOUGHTS

This is pure conjecture, but as far as I can tell, ZIIP HALO seems to produce faster lifting results than my faithful NUFace Trinity and – this is the kicker, it appears to be an awful lot easier to use.

I have always been a fan of anti-ageing devices with in-built timers that beep to indicate the next stage of treatment – all devices should work that way. The Trinity does do this but moving the globes to an area and then moving on, is a tiny bit of a faff sometimes. Imagine just sliding the device instead of positioning the globes each time?

Ease of use, less treatment time, and fast results, it’s perhaps one to consider if you’re in the market for a new anti-aging device.


HALO ZIPP Facial Toning Device £349.00 CurrentBody *

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ZIIP HALO is available in the US and Canada but CurrentBody is the exclusive retailer internationally.

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