You Tube Vlogger Recommendation: Life After 40

Life After 40I admit it, I’m easily distracted, especially when it comes to the internet. A recent innocent search for a mobile phone cover (which I still haven’t bought), led to leather goods → handbags → contents of handbags → make up → celebrity make up mistakes → plastic surgery fails and ultimately, a video of dogs too scared to walk past cats (that’s a great one actually, look it up).

However, one of those distractions led me to Sonja, a 43-year-old vlogger of Austrian origin, with a You Tube channel called Life After 40

The first video I watched was called Botox – Before and After. It piqued my interest because I thought she looked fabulous, but not typically frozen for an ‘over 40’ Botox user.

Sonja is a natural on camera with a warm and honest presenting style. Anyone considering going down the Botox route will pick up some valuable tips from this video, she certainly tells it as it is.

She also has diet, make up and hair videos on her channel, but the heart warming and ultimately inspiring, story of her son, Gabe, who suffers from Asperger Syndrome is particularly interesting and informative; especially her dealings with the medical profession and their propensity to dismiss a mother’s natural instinct.

Oh and her Instagram is worth a look – check out the guy who worked on her guttering…why oh why, can’t our builders look like that?

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