WordPress Annual Report: 52,000 views in 2013. 130,000 views in 2014 – Thank you!

I try not to be a slave to stats, my aim for this site is to publish helpful reviews and information about products and services *I* would like to read. But the latest WordPress’ Annual Report on my site show that you like to read these posts too and I want to say a huge thank you! From 52,000 views in 2013 to 130,000 in 2014 is overwhelming and I’m very grateful.


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These are tough times to be growing up in, the pressure on young women to look ‘instagram perfect’ at all times is immense and I really feel for them. Even though it absolutely sucks to be over 50, I think I’d prefer this age (in this era), than to be 25 again.

Unfading Beauty isn’t trying to put the clock back, it’s trying to stop it for a while by reviewing products that might help plump up those lines and smooth skin for just a little longer.

My advice for a woman over 40 looking to improve their appearance is to start a blog and witness a whole new beauty world open up to them. Explore the latest anti-ageing technologies, trial skin care gadgets, learn make up tricks that play up your best features and hide your worst.

Failing that, just read this blog.

Thank you so much for all your support, see you in 2015!

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