VITL GREENS Complete Daily Superfood


I know ‘green’ juices are good for you, packed as they are with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and the like, but if you’ve ever downed a shot of wheatgrass juice you’ll know that earthy taste is not particularly appetising.

VITL, the people behind the monthly vitamin boxes (see my review here) have created a daily superfood powder you can mix with drinks or food.

VITL Greens is designed to energise, revitalise and promote healthy skin, hair and nails through its alkalising, vegan friendly formula of spirulina, kale and maca alongside flaxseed, goji berries and green tea.

Each 6g sachet is made up of 19 ingredients including alkalisingmaca, kale and spirulina, alongside flaxseed, organic wheat grass, goji berries, green tea and Seagreens® in a protein rich, vegan friendly formula.

  • Maca Root Rich in rich in B vitamins, C, and E, as well as, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous & amino acids
  • Spirulina Blue-green algae rich in proteins, vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals & essential fatty acids
  • Flaxseed Essential omega 3 fatty acids
  • Goji Berry High antioxidant content
  • Turmeric Protects against chronic inflammation
  • Seagreens® A teaspoon of Seagreens® has more iron than a plate of broccoli and contains special polysaccharides which helps the health of the digestive system
  • Barleygrass, wheatgrass and chlorella  Anti-oxidant boosting greens


Simply add the 25 calorie, energy boosting blend of superfoods to water, coconut water, smoothies, juice or even a meal.


There was no way I was going to mix it with plain water, because it does smell a little green/spirulina-y in the sachet, so I stirred the superfine powder into coconut water instead.

How to describe the taste? Faint green tea with a touch of fruit and a whisper of spirulina, is the best I can come up with. It’s not at all unpleasant and is easy enough to drink. Ideally, throw it into a blender with fresh fruit or veggie smoothie ingredients and you’re sorted.

My press sample arrived with a mason jar packed to the brim with all the pre-measured dry ingredients (lazy girl baking – love it) needed to make a loaf of healthy, superfood banana bread. I only had to add eggs and ripened bananas. Find the recipe here.

VITL GREENS Complete Daily Superfood Supplement

It’s fair to say it was the first time I’ve ever made banana bread without it going all goopy at the bottom, it baked through in exactly 45 minutes.

The above photo doesn’t really do it justice, it came out a deep, murky green colour. But taste wise, it was moist and surprisingly delicious for a ‘healthy’ bake – not at all like usual banana bread, but with a definite banana flavour, plus a hint of green tea.

The texture is dense and springy, and it’s very filling, so I’m not sure why it says ‘serves 5’ – one slice is more than enough for each person.

My dad loved it, but refused to believe it didn’t contain butter, flour or sugar. (OK, I fess up, I threw in a couple of chopped medjool dates, you can just see a tiny piece in the photo – so busted!).

It keeps fresh wrapped in foil and we all had another slice for breakfast, highly recommended, healthy never tasted so good! (I’m sure that’s someone’s logo).

Vitl GREENS – A convenient and tasty way to reap all the proven health benefits of superfoods.


6 & 14 day sachet options from £9.95. See here for purchase details.



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