VIDEO: Ageless Make Up Tutorial Charlotte Tilbury – UPDATED

Charlotte Tilbury

Celebrity Make Up Artist du jour, Charlotte Tilbury, has produced a ‘how to’ make up video using her 65-year-old mum, Patty, as her model. Yes, I know she’s flogging her ‘magic cream‘ (I wish the £70.00 price tag would disappear), and her own line of make up products, but the banter between mum and daughter, plus the useful tips and application techniques make this a fab little video.

‘Women who don’t make the effort and stop wearing make-up literally age overnight’ & ‘And as we know, too much sun ruins your skin, it’s beauty suicide’

Her website Charlotte is full of how to videos of different looks, tips and trends. Her much praised, make-up range IS on the expensive side, although I’m more interested in how she applies the make up.

Having said that, I might fork out £19.00 for this Colour Chameleon eyeshadow pencil (why oh why, is it sooo small?) in shade Champagne Diamonds

I use Mac’s ‘Gleam’ to line my lower and upper eyelid, but as it’s a very soft textured shadow, fallout can be significant. This pencil looks like a close colour match, but should be more robust. Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow PencilCharlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon Eyeshadow Pencil

There’s also a very helpful video on how to conceal the redness that arises from rosacea. Again, I’m primarily looking at the way Charlotte applies the products and not the cosmetics – I stopped counting after they hit £400.00! Although I do rather like the look of ‘Lip Cheat‘ lip pencil in Pillow Talk

Charlotte Tilbury

UPDATE: 21st May 2014

1. Reader, I bought the eyeshadow pencil. I know, £19.00 NINETEEN POUNDS! Plus £2.95 P&P to add insult to injury AND it’s Barbie sized. It had better be amazing.

2. A slightly more interesting update: Charlotte launched her (first) own line of cosmetics (backed by John Frieda – connections darling), in 2008 called Myface which was then exclusive to Boots.

Myface Cosmetics are still going strong, although Charlotte’s name is nowhere to be seen, they now say they’ve collaborated with top make up artists to produce the line. A check on the net though, shows that they are highly thought of. Their range specifically caters for tones of skin from light to dark, which all brands should do really, shouldn’t they? Mymix foundation seems a particular favourite, even rated by GossMakeUpArtist.

Another tidbit, Charlotte was called in by Tom Ford ‘to assist with the development of his cosmetics line.’


Myface: …the entirely idiot-proof (and entirely affordable) make-up collection – 2008

Charlotte Tilbury: …I saw a gap in the market for make-up that was foolproof: easy to apply but aspirational at the same time – 2013

‘aspirational’ = expensive

Roll on 5 years and with the help of social media, celebrity friends, a glamorous new image ‘Charlotte’s only form of exercise is dancing in heels and running for aeroplanes…‘ plus the support of influential beauty bloggers and printed media, the reboot is complete.

It’s a fascinating insight into marketing.

PS Charlotte is 40 and a walking, talking, advert for staying out of the sun, her skin (or is it her miracle make up? Ahaaa…) is gorgeous.


  1. October 4, 2018 / 4:04 pm

    Loved this video and her Mum looks amazing. Her lips are wonderful.

  2. unfadedbeauty
    October 4, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    Hello Adele,

    You’re right, her mum has amazing lips. But then, I’ve always said CT lipsticks offer the best value of all her products and they’re foolproof IF you nail your shade.

    Personally, I prefer gloss lipsticks, but I’m not sure CT lip glosses are as good as cheaper ones – disclosure, never tried them, only read reviews.

    Now, of course, she’s just introduced gloss finish Superstar Lips in 6 really wearable shades (there’s only one dud I can see), including Pillow Talk. I’m going to have to bite the bullet and get a couple!

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