Victoria Teaches Us A Lesson

Victoria Beckham Eye Make up fail

Admittedly, it’s not the most flattering of looks, but the bitchy, woman hating, Daily Mail, media are having a pop at Victoria Beckham for going overboard with the eyeliner, but actually, that’s not the reason for this smokey eyeshadow fail.

As you approach your 40s, eyeshadow and eyeliner need to be winged upwards, otherwise, as in Victoria’s case, it gives the appearance a slightly droopy eye. That odd pinky/russet line of eyeshadow is not helping much either.

It’s a lesson in how not to apply eyeshadow. I mean, we’re fighting gravity here people! Taking off make up, applying creams and serum, the advice is always to use a sweeping upwards motion. Lift, lift, lift!

Victoria’s not one for ‘smizing’ (a delightfully daft article on how to Smize, for your amusement, thanks Tara!) and that’s fine, it’s her thing. This eye makeup though, is making her look sad – as if she’s about to burst into tears. Now, considering she’s accepting a fashion award from Karl Lagerfeld and she’s wearing those amazing earrings and she’s married to David Beckham, I imagine sad is the last emotion she’s feeling.

So the lesson is, and thank you for reminding us Victoria, always apply eyeshadow and liner upwards, wing it out and up.

And this, is how she should’ve done it.

Winged eye make up

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