Things change…

Sometimes a product you’ve used for ages, with great results, suddenly stops working. You rest it for a while, come back to it and it feels as if it’s rebelling against you. It could be pesky hormones creating havoc and messing around with your body’s chemical balance, but suddenly, your old faithful stops bringing home the magic.

On the other hand, there are some products that have earned a place in your ‘can’t live without’ cabinet.

Here are six of those products:

1. Pearl Drops ‘Beauty Sleep’ 

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep

One week in and my teeth are already noticeably whiter, I’m impressed!

I’m also stocking up in case of a positive review in a national paper and there’s a ‘No 7 Protect and Perfect (never worked for me) like’ stampede to buy it.

UNDER REVIEW Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep

2. Ariane Poole Concealer

Ariane Poole Concealer

I rested this concealer for a couple of months and I’m sad to say that when I went back to it recently, it did the same thing again and sunk straight into my pores. It really is hard to shift as well.

It’s such a shame because it really is a lovely product – when it works – and it definitely worked for me for a brief period.

I’ve looked online and I can’t find one single review that says the same thing – everyone loves it!

Maybe there’s a combination ie a layering order of moisturiser, foundation and serum etc that I’ve not tried? I’m going back to the drawing board this week and will try to master the application technique.

3. It’s A 10 Miracle Leave in Treatment

It's a 10

I’m very happy to say, it is STILL 10 out of 10 for this product.

My hair over the past few months has become a lot healthier, so I wasn’t sure if just one spray would be enough to have any effect on it. But one spray is still enough. Again, it feels as if you’re not putting anywhere near enough product through your hair to make a visible difference, but you do and it does!

4. Stainiac Lip & Cheek Tint in ‘Beauty Queen’
Stainiac - Beauty Queen

This sample is still going strong after 9 weeks, but I will be purchasing the full size one soon (still can’t find it lower than £10.00 though).

This lip stain is now a make up ‘must have’ for me. Just the right hint of natural ‘just bitten’ colour and non drying (unusual for a lip stain). A dab is all you need, it brings pale lips back to life and sits nicely under lipstick/gloss without interfering with the colour. It also wears evenly. ‘Beauty Queen’ is the best-selling suits all colour.

5. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in ‘Milk’ 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in MILK

Oh, I’m fuming! This is STILL a brilliant product and works wonderfully as an eyeshadow base, I haven’t even had to sharpen it yet, BUT THE LID!

To be fair, I was warned that the cheapo, thin as air, flimsy plastic lid was fragile, so I treated the pencil with utmost care, placing it gently into my brush holder after use at home; nestling it lovingly between layers of (quilted!) toilet tissue when I took it away on holiday AND STILL THE CAP SPLIT!

Fantastic pencil – crap lid, BE WARNED!

6. Clarins Be Long Mascara

Clarins Be Long Mascara

Oh dear, I never did complain to Escentual about the flakiness of this mascara. I was worried they’d ask for it back and I wouldn’t be able to get hold of another one brown in time. #hopelesscase

Yes, it still flakes but I can’t help loving this mascara and the dinky wand that gets right into the corners and the application and the way it separates my lashes.

You’re not good for me, but why can’t I quit you, Clarins Be Long Mascara?

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