LAST UPDATE: RapidLash & RapidBrow

I started trialling these two products at the end of June, the original pre review post is here.
Three months down the line and the tube of RapidLash is just starting to go a little gloopy, which I think means I’m near to the end of the product. I would say I’ve used it at least 4 times a week, twice a day.  I really don’t think there’s any question that RapidLash and RapidBrow doesn’t work, because they do, as long as you keep using them.

First off, I had to stop using RapidBrow, the one with the mascara type wand. My eyebrows are fair, but they’re not bad. However, after using RapidBrow for 6 weeks (I must’ve caught them at a growth stage), they grew a bit too much for my liking ie really long hairs (and shh…some wiry ones *gasp*) that I had to snip away – quick tip, always trim brow hairs one by one and at an angle so they don’t stick out oddly.

I will of course, be using RapidBrow on my lashes when the lash one properly runs out. Come on, the formulation’s got to be the same, surely?


I think all reviews will say the same thing, it really does work and lashes will grow longer. In my case, they aren’t thick, just longer and yes, maybe a tad more plentiful. I’ve also seen more regrowth from two-thirds along my eyes outwards ie not so much on the inner corners. I’m not sure if this is the product, or that I was nervous about poking myself in the eye with the tiny brush (hope the wand is easier to use), I really didn’t want any product to get into my eye so I was very light handed at the inner corners.

I didn’t experience any irritation and the tip I previously mentioned in the pre review post, about keeping the tubes next to your toothbrush so you don’t forget morning and night-time applications, was really clever and worked.


RapidLash £39.99.00 Boots*
RapidBrow £37.00 Boots*

UPDATE: 6th March 2015

I actually managed – via lots of shaking and rolling the tube between my hands, to eke out another month’s worth of product from my tube of RapidLash, but now I’ve properly moved onto Rapidbrow, but only to use on my eyelashes, not my eyebrows.

My eyebrows are doing fine and I really do put that down to my eyebrow tip. Stimulating eyebrow follicles is an ideal way to encourage blood flow to the brows.

I’m confident the formulas for lash and brows are the same, because my lashes are still long and plentiful, although admittedly, not particularly thicker looking, perhaps that’s never meant to be. I’m very careful not to let the product anywhere near my eye and again, I steer clear of using it on my inner eyelashes.

UPDATE: 5th August 2015

Looking back now, I don’t think RapidBrow works that well on lashes, maybe the formula IS different? My lashes certainly weren’t as lush as before.

Although now, four months without any eyelash serum at all and guess what? My lashes are starting to look exactly as they did before. My conclusion can only be that RapidLASH does work, but only as long as you continue use it. Once you stop and the growth cycle ‘catches up’ everything goes back to normal.

I have seen a couple of cheaper lash growth alternatives (it’s a lucrative market, which means more competition and more competitive prices) so I’m going to see if I can find a more purse friendly alternative.

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  1. November 1, 2014 / 8:47 pm

    I like the sound of rapid lash. I do have long lashes already but if they start to shorten and thin out, i will be trying this out.

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