The Body Shop Facial Massager UPDATE

The Body Shop Facial Massager

This is another Body Shop item I bought when buying a replacement for The Body Shop Facial Brush. I put the original one down somewhere after photographing it and because it’s dinky and transparent, it vanished from (my) sight. Obviously, after I bought a new one, I found it sitting chameleon like on the window sill.

I love all things gadgety, but I won’t fork out insane money for them and this little beauty is only £6.00. I say only £6.00, after my husband and sons had a play with it – up and down their arms and along the worktop etc (it washes well by the way), they declared it probably cost about 30p to make.

Thinking about it, maybe £3-4 would’ve been a fairer price.  I’ve seen Body Shop prices sneak up over the years, but I really do believe the quality of their products has remained high.

The Body Shop Facial Massager

An ingenious mini massager with nodular design ensures an in-depth massage of the skin without dragging or damaging delicate skin tissue.

You know how I feel about the benefits of facial massage, this little roller could be a handy compromise for the lazy among us.

It’s a spiked rubber roller with a handle. It’s rather well made, the handle is just the right length and fits comfortably in your hand.

The rubber spikes are really firm, after having a few practice ‘rolls’ my skin was quite pink, obviously I need to use lighter pressure, although I’m happy to say it doesn’t drag or pull at the skin.


I have been using this for just over 3 weeks now and it has made a dramatic improvement to my skin. You roll it on your skin after moisturising to help absorb the moisturiser. I have also noticed that I don’t get as many breakouts as I used to. Adds only about a minute on to my routine and is well worth it.

I love this thing. It was an impulse buy and I am glad I bought it. I usually give my face a quick massage when I’m watching tv. It really helps me relax. I don’t think it does much else, but I got it on sale, so I’d recommend one if you’re looking for a nice feeling.

Love this facial massager so much. I had been looking for one for several years, but they’ve all been so expensive until this! I’d heard that massaging your face is supposed to stimulate blood flow and improve circulation but hate massaging my face with my hands, hence looking for a proper facial massager which was obviously designed for the purpose.

This product is lovely – easy to use, gentle yet you can feel it working and your skin tingling. I use it in the evening after I’ve applied my moisturiser so it helps it to sink in, and I use it for around 5 minutes all over my face and neck.
I wasn’t expecting immediate results – I actually bought one for its anti-ageing reputation (stimulating the blood flow is supposed to be good for the health and suppleness of your skin over time) – the fact that my skin is glowing is just a massive bonus.

LOVE this tool. Feels really nice on the skin and does indeed increase the blood flow to the skin. Really helps your night cream to absorb into the skin. I’ve also used this with Vit E facial oil which works very nicely with the roller.

This roller is great. It does not drag or stretch the skin, so I don’t feel I am doing any damage. It just massages wonderfully, makes my face go pink for 20 mins (so I really know it has increased blood circulation) and helps my face cream soak in very well.

The Body Shop Facial Massager (close up)

A minor tip: I need to tie my hair well when I use it, they seem to get caught in it and pulled (ouch!) mainly near my temples.

One minor problem with my roller was that there was a tiny moulding error on the little cap at the end, and it scratched my face the first time I used it. My boyfriend filed it down for me so it’s not a problem any more. But as I say, just watch out and double-check with your finger before rolling it on your face.

I would add that you shouldn’t use this roller on broken skin ie spots etc or if you have any broken capillaries. I’d also keep it well away from the delicate eye area.


Here’s an excellent and to the point ‘How To’ video by skin care guru, Caroline Hirons, who raves about the massager on her blog.

The thumbnail of the video is a bit unfortunate as it looks like she’s having a shave, but I think you get the general idea of the roller and how easy it is to use.

THE BODY SHOP Facial Massager £6.00
UPDATE: 17th February 2015

Not long after writing this post, I suffered an awful allergic reaction to a product and I was too freaked out to use the roller again for fear of irritating my neck and jaw line even further.

But, I’m happy to say, my skin has cleared up completely and I’m using this again – but only for 5 minutes every other evening to start with and only along my jaw and neck after my application of Time Bomb’s Troubleshooter Neck & Jaw Cream.

This is a part of my ‘war on jowls’ project. I’ve given myself a year to smooth my jawline and I’m throwing everything I can at it.

Plus, if Caroline Hirons recommends it, then I’m in! There’s not much about skin care Caroline doesn’t know, her wealth of knowledge is incredible.

UPDATE 30th April 2015

Loved Troubleshooter and now I’m using the massager with NeoStrata Triple Firming Neck Cream. I keep it in the bathroom next to the neck cream and it’s become a habit for me to use it every morning and evening – only a couple of minutes each time.

On another note, are BodyShop winding up their shops? I know they’ve been shutting down stores left, right and centre for the last 4 or 5 years, but closing down the Brent Cross branch feels like the end of an era – it’s always been there!

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