REVIEW: SkinPep® Auto Make-Up UPDATE

SkinPep® Auto Make-UpI wouldn’t normally recommend a product I’ve only been using for a week, but the SkinPep® Auto Make-Up device is as foolproof as you’re going to get.

Admittedly, I’m a sucker for beauty gadgets and this clever little invention is something you may think you have no need of, and indeed, if you’re able to apply foundation flawlessly – as many women do, with sponge, brush or fingers, then perhaps not.

If however, you find your foundation coverage is more often than not patchy or uneven, then this is for you.

SkinPep Auto Makeup Multi-Functional Auto-Puff  is an easy to use, professional style make up applicator for smooth, even coverage.
Our unique soft and antibacterial puff provides smooth make-up with no lumps by applying on smooth and evenly for a three-dimensional deep adhesion.
The delicate texture of our puff cover helps to care for delicate skin texture with near professional results every time.
Our convenient removable puff is easy to change and easy to wash and can be reused many times over.
The vibrating applicator does not require any assembly. All you have to do is dab the compact foundation with the applicator a couple of times and turn on the switch located below the puff.
The level of vibration is similar to that of a mobile phone. It is small enough to carry around, and is easy to apply to curvy areas such as the T-zone.

  • 2 Lithium LR44 Batteries
  • 5 Puffs – Washable. Latex free. Will not shred or swell


  • Liquid
  • Creamy powder
  • Stick foundation

SkinPep Auto Make Up


Push the slide button on

Coat the puff with some foundation (liquid, powder etc)

SkinPep Auto Make Up

Put foundation on face as above picture

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 11.59.54

Move it as above picture

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 12.00.04

Pat on face where you want to cover more

Push the slide button for off and close the cap


I don’t like to use foundation because it’s not good for my skin, so I decided to go for a powder, I put some concealer on first and then apply powder with Auto Make-up – the results are flawless…Natural looking skin, it also lasts all day.

This set is a great investment. It’s a little expensive, but you get your money’s worth! It’s soft and is excellent for setting makeup. It also washes really well.

I have very oily skin and wear a powder on top of my liquid foundation and usually I have to keep reapplying the powder throughout the day. However, with this device I only have to put it on once in the morning and my face is fine for the rest of the day.


If you’ve ever been professionally ‘made up’, then you’ll know that the make-up artist’s brushes/fingers/beauty blender glides over skin in rapid, dabbing movements and this is exactly how Auto Make-Up works.

Apply foundation to the puff, dot on as described above and gently move the device over your face in light, smooth strokes. It’s small, so easy to hold and control. The vibration that constantly ‘dabs’ product onto the skin is barely noticeable.

I’ve seen a few reviews claiming this is an excellent way to apply make-up primer before foundation. The first time I used Auto Make-Up, I forgot to apply a thin layer of Benefit’s POREfessional to my nose first, but actually, I didn’t need to, my regular foundation, Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint, applied to the puff, covered up pores without filling them in.

Because my skin can be quite contrary, I don’t like too many layers of product on it mainly because as we get older, heavy foundation can be ageing, seeping into lines and becoming patchy. But sometimes, we do need fuller coverage on areas of uneven pigmentation, or in my case, rosacea prone cheeks. This little gadget is ideal for ‘dotting’ on more product to these targeted areas only and blending it in seamlessly.

It works around the nose easily and in fact, the only place the soft little puff can’t reach is the very inner corner of the eye – where I wouldn’t put foundation  anyway, just a dab of concealer.

I’m still experimenting with the amount of foundation I need to apply to the puff, and I’m also trying not to over buff. It works fast and I can’t believe it isn’t patchy and has blended foundation so quickly and evenly, so I’m taking an extra few minutes each morning time to check my face from all angles. As time goes on, I’ll have more confidence and hopefully cut down my ‘checking’ time.

Because it is so light and small, it fits easily into a make up bag for touch ups during the day, although I’ve found I haven’t needed to re-apply my foundation. Again, perhaps after I’ve used it a while, I won’t need to carry it around as insurance.

Now I’ve got the application sorted, perhaps it’s time to try the new concealer/foundation formulations which I think would work rather well with the Auto Make-Up device? I’ll come back to this post in a couple of months and write an update.

SkinPep® Auto Make-Up £29.99
SkinPep Website

23rd February 2015

UPDATE 16th May 2015

Three months down the line and my high opinion of this ‘Didn’t know it existed, now can’t live without it’ auto make up applicator, hasn’t changed a bit. It HAS revolutionised my make up routine. The coverage as always, is even, and more importantly, fast – every second counts in the morning when someone *aherm* is shouting at you to “…get in the car, what is taking you so long?”

The batteries haven’t run out yet, although I have bought fresh ones just in case it suddenly slows down.

I’ve washed the puff a couple of times with warm water and a rub of Simple soap. I don’t believe in buying a dedicated sponge/brush cleaner and I use a weak solution of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for make up brushes which works just fine. I was going to rotate the puff with a new one, but it dried nicely overnight in the airing cupboard so I didn’t need to.

I’ve used a couple of other foundations, although not any mineral ones – I still find them too powdery (and therefore ageing), on my skin. Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint is still my preferred foundation.

I’m also able to experiment with other cover up/concealers on my rosy (rosacea prone) cheeks because Auto Make-Up will always blend it in seamlessly. Although I am still waiting for ‘the one’ to completely wipe out all redness. I have caved in and bought Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in shade 03 (apparently suited to those with a rosy skin tone), even though I didn’t like the Primer at all.

SkinPep® Auto Make-Up – Fabulous! 

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