REVIEW: Pearl Drops ‘Beauty Sleep’

Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep
UPDATE 27th January 2014

One week in and my teeth are already noticeably whiter, I’m impressed!
I’m also stocking up in case of a positive review in a national paper and there’s a ‘No 7 Protect and Perfect (never worked for me) like’ stampede to buy it.

ORIGINAL POST 20th January 2014 

We all want whiter, brighter and younger looking teeth, but unfortunately we don’t all want to pay upwards from £600.00 to have them professionally whitened by a dentist.

Teeth whitening is ‘huge’ right now, especially for younger people heavily influenced by reality TV stars and their gleaming, blindingly white teeth. Fans naturally want to emulate them, but the thing is, most of these celebrities will have had their treatments free in exchange for endorsing the product. I can’t help thinking this is a double edge sword though, because a lot of the time their teeth turn out too white and unnatural looking.

Also, quite a few of them have succumbed to veneers and for some reason they’re always made too big for their mouths – is it a ‘one size fits all’ scenario I wonder?  There’s more than one celeb sporting a ‘horsey’ mouth.

There’s no question that very yellow teeth are ageing. Teeth naturally darken as we get older. and it seems that whitening them is the only solution.  Dentists roll their eyes when you mention home whitening kits and lecture you about the dangers of bleaching teeth yourself, or going to a beautician to have them whitened – they cite possible sensitivity issues, gum damage and enamel erosion.


Tooth Anatomy by “When people eat, drink, or smoke, a layer of film develops on the tooth. This film can remain despite brushing with whitening toothpaste and regular visits to the dentist and it can eat away at the enamel. The enamel is what makes the tooth white so when the enamel thins, the dentine (yellowish bone-like material) starts showing through.”


  • Tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, fresh fruit juice
  • Red wine
  • Smoking
  • Certain medications
  • Artificially dyed foods
  • Ageing (the one thing we have no control over!) naturally thins the enamel making it more transparent and exposes the yellow hue of the dentine below

My own dentist advised me to rinse my mouth out with plain water (i.e. not mouthwash) after consuming acidic food or drink.  Brushing more than twice a day will wear away at the enamel.


I must admit, I have heard and read, some really positive reviews about Crest’s Whitening Strips (I won’t link to them in case they make your teeth fall out, but you can search for them online as I don’t believe they’re available on the High Street).  I won’t trial them, I’m too worried about possible tooth sensitivity, we’ve all had a toothache at one time in our lives and I don’t fancy risking it.

Whitening toothpastes are popular, although I’m never entirely sure they work as I don’t use them consistently, I think we all tend to grab whatever toothpaste is close to hand.

Enter then, Pearl Drops® Beauty Sleep. 

The first beauty serum for teeth and gums that works while you sleep, helping to whiten your teeth and nourish gums, protecting them from the negative (normal) effects of time. (I think they mean ‘life’).

After brushing your teeth in the evening, massage (a pea sized amount of) serum onto teeth and gums.

This is not a new product, although I only spotted it recently. There was a PR launch back in September 2012. I’ve seen bloggers’ pre-reviews but I can’t find any who have used the tube up and posted their findings.


1. From the Boots website

I’ve tried all of Pearl Drops products and none of them except this one have worked for me. I saw a big difference within a few days. I’ve found applying it during the day as well as night works best. However just the simple use of it overnight works brilliantly as well. Don’t rely on the product though, look after your teeth as well.

Bought this on Saturday and by Thursday my teeth were really noticeably whiter. So much so that my crown now looks really dark! Read about this product in a newspaper review by a cosmetic dentist who said this was the only product tested that had an ingredient likely to work, but he said saliva might dilute it too much. Well it doesn’t!

Having spent zillions on whitening kits, polishes and pastes over the years I’m amazed that this lovely tasting, easy to use and CHEAP product is the only one that has produced results, Definitely recommended.

2. Dr. Richard Guyver
Here is the review she was talking about. Bear in mind we’re talking about the Daily Mail here and a lot of their editorials are thinly disguised sponsored ads. Dr. Guyver more or less rubbished all the other whitening toothpaste treatments, but was fairly positive (and realistic) about Beauty Sleep.

The oxygen infused in this ‘serum’ is proven to remove pigmentation from teeth and is the active ingredient in most professional teeth-whitening treatments.

It seeps through enamel and dentine (the hard surface of the tooth), clearing discoloration as it goes. 
This product has the potential to whiten teeth rather than simply remove superficial stains like most toothpaste, because of the time it stays on the teeth.

Unfortunately, the active ingredient is likely to be diluted by saliva fairly quickly. 

8/10  Sept 2012

Full review here: Is it safe to use a £3 paste for whitening your teeth?

I’ve only used it for two nights, but I think this is a really important tip. Before using, apply a generous layer of lip balm or Vaseline – anything that creates a barrier, all over your lips (maybe a tiny amount just inside your mouth too). If any of the serum touches your lips it dries them out instantly.  I’ve never known any product to sucks out moisture as fast as this one does.  I’m assuming there’s an ingredient in there that helps the paste adhere to the tooth surface that causes this.

Also, your mouth will immediately water and as the good dentist said above, saliva will dilute the product. Keep your head tilted back a little (to swallow some of the saliva – nice!) and keep your mouth open for a couple of minutes – no one said beauty was pretty!

It’s quite a pleasant taste. I don’t know if the minty flavour is  supposed to spearmint or peppermint, but it’s definitely Eau de Dental Surgery.

Admittedly, it does create a ‘film’ over your lips but actually, it doesn’t last, when you wake up in the morning your teeth feel smooth. Although, hopefully this is because the product has ‘settled in’ and not been washed away!

Pearl Drops® Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum £3.49 for a 20 ml tube, which should last for a month. Boots



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