REVIEW: Ojon® Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment +

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment +

My hair is behaving like a stroppy teenager, some days it’s good and does exactly what I ask it to and on other days, it throws an almighty wobbly and causes me no end of grief.

Out of the many hair products I have used, I’ve never tried any from the much acclaimed Ojon range. I’m not sure why, but it might be their ‘damage reverse’ strap line that’s put me off.  You cannot ‘undo’ or ‘reverse’ damaged hair, a split end is there forever until it’s cut.  You can however, soften and enhance the appearance of damaged hair.

I read a lot of very positive reviews, I took heed of the ‘pungent scent’ notes and bought a tub of the original Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Treatment.

My shopping was left in the car for most of a recent hot day. When I opened the tub, I could see under the clear protective film, that there were lots of white dots on the surface of the dark, solid balm. I didn’t know if this was a chemical reaction due to the heat, or if it had been contaminated.

I took it back to John Lewis, but went to get another one to do a straight swap. There was an open one which I could smell before I could see it. The fragrance was a heady mix of old cigars stubbed out in cold coffee and wet cat. I picked up the new formula, the ‘plus’ one, instead.

The balm is pale gold and the scent is pleasant enough, think organic wax furniture polish. After a strand test (VERY important with this product), I’m going to use it as an overnight hair treatment to get my money’s worth make the most of it.


An improvement in the condition of dry, damaged hair after just one treatment. This clinically proven cult classic is fortified with pure Ojon™ oil, nature’s powerful golden elixir, a rare powerful natural ingredient that’s rich in essential lipids similar to those found in healthy hair.
After just one treatment, this rich, velvety balm dramatically helps restore vibrant health, strength and shine to even the most damaged hair. Hair is soft, silky and manageable. A must-have for lifeless, dull, brittle, frizzy, flyaway or unmanageable hair.
New lighter scent! This cult classic is now purified using an exclusive double-filtration method and fortified with nature’s golden elixir plus Rouge Oleifera to create the next generation of our deeply restorative treatment.


Scoop 1 to 1½ teaspoon into palm of hand. Warm by rubbing between hands until it transforms into a nourishing oil. Distribute evenly throughout hair and scalp. Repeat until hair is fully saturated. Comb through and allow to penetrate for 20 minutes before rinsing and shampooing.

For overly damaged hair, apply gentle heat from a hairdryer for 5 minutes or alternatively, leave the treatment in overnight. Be sure to place a towel over your pillowcase or wear a shower cap over your head to protect bed linens. Use weekly.

Ojon™ Restorative Hair Treatment is not recommended 5 days prior to or following colour or chemical service. Porous and/or white hair may be susceptible to temporary discoloration. When in doubt, a strand test is recommended prior to use. The sales assistant said this too, but she also highly recommended the treatment.


My hair has been bleached for several years now and you can imagine the ends are literally like a bird’s nest. They are brittle, dry and split. I have been trying to grow my hair for years and it is finally at a length where I can do so much more with it, so I was very relucant to get it cut short again. After a recommendation from the sales assistant, I purchased this and omg, what a result!
I opted for the overnight treatment – did exactly what it said on the box and this morning I washed it off and used my usual shampoo and conditioner and blow dried as usual. The results are amazing after just one treatment. My hair is so smooth and shiny as well. I cannot rate this product enough after just one go.

This is the one product in the Ojon range that I wouldn’t mind splashing out for. The smell is a bit of an acquired taste, but I love the way the oil melts in your hands and it spreads really easily though the hair and washes out really easily, leaving the hair soft and glossy.
It weighs the hair down a bit, but this has always been an issue I’ve had with hair oils, and I don’t mind sacrificing a little volume one day a week in exchange for soft, glossy hair. I blow dry my hair every day and it can be quite dry, so this repairing treatment is ideal for me.

This really feels like a luxury product and I loved using it. A lovely thick treatment for dry/damaged/coloured hair. I have thick wavy hair that can become dry and frizzy. I applied this to my hair (I used a little more than recommended) and left for 30 minutes. I could feel how nourished my hair was even when I was washing it out. I have knocked one star off due to the smell which I didn’t like.


I haven’t been impressed with any of the Ojon products but this is by far the worst. In the pot it’s like a solid waxy substance, but then when you rub it between your hands it turns into an oily cream. I only used a small amount to start with as my hair is very fine, but it doesn’t spread easily through the hair so I ended up using more than the recommended amount.
It stinks to high heaven, the same awful mucky scent as the rest of the range, and I find it really unpleasant having to leave it on my hair for 20 minutes. The worst part comes when I try to rinse it out though, it takes forever, and even after I thought it was all out, when it started to dry I could tell it wasn’t so I had to do it again.
After all that I didn’t even notice any remarkable results. My hair felt a little softer and smoother, but no more so than with any other hair treatment I’ve used. All in all I think this is the most vile thing I’ve ever had the misfortune to use, definitely not worth the money, not recommended at all!


I have a deep conditioning hair treatment every time I go to have my hair cut at the salon that’s supposed to last for weeks, but I must say I have seen better results using this product! I have long hair so used two 50p blobs rubbed in my hands to cover the whole of my hair, shoved it in a twist inside a shower cap and had a read for 20 minutes and after shampooing and conditioning as normal the results were excellent. Shiny, full, bouncy hair. Absolutely worth every penny and for that price believe me if it wasn’t the BEST I would not recommend.

This stuff is really amazing, it is a little time-consuming to use as you have to apply little by little and you need to rub the product to warm it into an oil however I really noticed a huge difference in how my hair behaved, felt and looked after using it just once. My hair was much shinier, softer, less frizzy and easier to control after using it. The negative is the price, it is very expensive however if you only use it once a week the jar could last you several months.

Ojon Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment Plus 100ml £34.00 John Lewis
Although, I’m kicking myself for not buying the smaller jar from Boots 50ml £18.00
REVIEW: 20th August 2014

I really don’t understand the ‘drama queen’ review above, I really like this product and feel it’s made a tangible difference to the texture of my hair.

OK, so it’s not overly glamorous to use, but the final result is worth it. Sometimes overnight hair treatments don’t look too bad and you can go around doing your thing without thinking about it; this one though, makes hair look lank and greasy and you’re aware that it’s ‘weighing’ your hair down.

The scent is fine – organic wax furniture polish as I’ve said above. One teaspoon sized scoop is more than enough, the solid balm liquefies into an oil as it’s warmed when you rub your hands together.

I only need half a teaspoon because I add a little (again, just half a teaspoon) of coconut oil to the balm. This is a great way to stretch this expensive product without losing any of the benefits.

I start at the top and distribute along the lengths to the ends. I then use a Denham Be-bop brush (best-thing-ever, review to come soon) to comb through the product and loosely tie my hair up and leave overnight – towel on pillow, of course.

It’s easy to shampoo out in the morning and it always tames my hair, leaving it feeling soft without any greasiness.

Yes, it is very expensive, but I feel ‘cutting’ it with coconut oil (if you want a cheap, but effective overnight hair treatment then use coconut oil on its own), justifies the price, plus I’ve barely make a dent into my jar.


  1. August 20, 2014 / 10:00 pm

    I recently had a perm (worst decision this year) which left my hair dry, dehydrated and frizzy so I bought this hair treatment in the vain hope that my hair would go back to its normal state. Of course it didn’t but it certainly softened the dry frizz when left on all day to dry in the sun, I think the heat helped to intensify the treatment. What I do think is amazing is Paul Mitchell Keratin Intensive Treatment® which has helped to de frizz and put a lot of moisture back in, definitely worth a try £16.50 for 100ml.

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