M. Asam Perfect Teint II

M. Asam Perfect Teint II

This in an interesting product and one of M. Asam and IdealWorldTV’s best sellers, Perfect Teint II.


A temporary cosmetic filler and concealer.

Immediately smoothes away the appearance of lines and wrinkles, making them appear diminished.

  • Skin feels and looks smoother
  • Open pores and imperfections optically disappear with perfect coverage
  • Controls shine, giving a matt finish
  • Conceals redness (interesting, may help my rosacea)
  • Acts as a natural makeup foundation without clogging the pores
  • Works with any skin care regimen
  • Contains a retinol-peptide complex for healthier skin


An absolutely brilliant product, I will never be without this again. It’s made such a difference to the texture of my skin. As a primer it is excellent. My make up stays put through a hard eight-hour shift.

The reason I chose this product over other temporary wrinkle fillers, is that you can use this on top of moisturiser or makeup. The other ones that I have seen you must use on clean skin. I think it works best on top of liquid foundation rather than under it and I haven’t had any luck with it mixed with my foundation.

I wish I had a barrel of this stuff…it makes your skin look so flawless and smooth. It gives your skin that soft focus look with no effort and hides all those pores. Love this product, and will never be without it!

The Perfect Teint just makes my mineral-based make up glide on even better. It never looks fake and my face never looks “made up”.

Love this product I use it all over my face. It makes my foundation super easy to apply and keeps it looking fresh all day.


Used this product and it left a white film on the section applied. Do not recommend for dark complexion persons. I was very disappointed and it was so expensive.

I do use this product on occasion and it works great. I have a deep horizontal furrow on my forehead and when I don’t wear bangs I use it to hide it. Yes, if you look very closely you can still see it, but I really don’t expect people to be examining my face that closely. And I can still make expressions without losing the effect.


The key is to pat it on and not smooth it on. Pat on tiny amount in targeted areas works great for me. A lot of time I pat it on top of my finished makeup to help fill in large pores and lines.

I apply this product in the morning, after showering, and I don’t even need any makeup except for a little blush on my cheeks. Before going out at night, I use it first and then apply a minimal amount of makeup for evening drama.

I am almost 69 and have been using this product for years. I put it on any lines/wrinkles on my face and neck when my makeup is done. You don’t need a large amount. I think the less the better and I use a circular motion.

I have a t-zone so my makeup tends to slip around there during the day. It keeps my makeup in place and I do not get t-zone ‘grease’ during the day. It takes so little to spread really well so be aware of not using too much.


To me, Perfect Teint feels like Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer, but thicker – it is more of a cream than a liquid, whereas Smashbox is closer to a liquid.  Perfect Teint has the same silicon-y texture as Photo Finish as well.  This was something that had to grow on me with Smashbox, but I loved the way that it smoothed over my imperfections so much that it was worth getting used to.
The biggest difference that I can see between Perfect Teint and Smashbox is that the PT really will cover deeper wrinkles, pores and imperfections more than the Photo Finish will.

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