UNDER REVIEW: Lee Stafford’s FRIZZ OFF Collection

Lee Stafford The Frizz Off Collection

Celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford has added a new range called Frizz OFF™ – Sodium (salt) and sulphate free shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask and blow dry smoothing spray to his extensive range of award-winning hair care products. Formulated to tame and smooth frizzy hair, these products are also ideal for Keratin treated hair.

It’s been over 5 years since the Keratin hair treatment, originally and more commonly known as the Brazilian Blow Dry, was introduced to the UK. This hair repair procedure to smooth and nourish dry, damaged hair is still fairly expensive; most salons will initially quote about £250 for the treatment, but with a little perseverance you might be able to beat them down to almost half that amount.

I’m a huge fan of the (formaldehyde free) Nanokeratin System keratin treatment. It’s not a straightening process per se, although it will iron out annoying kinks and leave hair silky smooth. During treatment, tiny molecules of keratin are ‘forced’ into the hair and sealed with customised (super hot – alarmingly, you can see stream rise!) straighteners to lock in the keratin solution.

After ‘curing’ for anything from a day up to 72 hours (this treatment is major time-consuming commitment), hair is noticeably soft, straighter and vitally important for older hair – shiny. Hair no longer frizzes up in the rain (bane of my life), drying time is drastically cut short (I’m talking 90 seconds to 80% dry hair) and you can also put away your moisture zapping straighteners for 3 months.

Even if you are able to negotiate a discount, it’s still not a cheap process. To prolong treatment, shampoo ideally needs to be  free of sulfates (foaming agents that can strip hair) and sodium (a thickener that dissolves keratin). Hair salons will try to persuade you to buy the corresponding and inevitably expensive, ‘only available in-salon‘ hair care products, which to be fair, are effective.

The Lee Stafford Frizz OFF™ range is a purse friendly, High Street alternative to help you maintain the treatment yourself. The ones I’ve been sent to review are:

Lee Stafford Frizz OFF Shampoo

How to Use
Make sure the hair is completely wet, apply and massage into a lather then thoroughly rinse. If you need a bit more lather, cup some water into your hands and add to the hair as you massage. Shampoo your hair twice.

Lee Stafford Frizz OFF Conditioner

How to Use
After shampooing with Lee Stafford Frizz OFF™ Shampoo and rinsing well, work this Conditioner into the palms of your hands and evenly spread through your hair – to the ends, mid-lengths AND the roots – EVERYWHERE!

Comb all the conditioner evenly through your hair then rinse thoroughly.

Use cold water on your final rinse for the healthiest of hair – cool water seals the cuticles for a great shine.

Lee Stafford Frizz OFF Treatment Mask

This intensive treatment mask really gets down into the hair’s cortex to replenish lost moisture and form a frizz barrier. Now you can really say Frizz OFF™ to frizz! It’s enriched with keratin to flatten the cuticle and keep frizzy hair under control.

How to Use
Use in-between Lee Stafford Frizz OFF™ Shampoo and Conditioner. After shampooing take an egg sized scoop into the palms of your hands, massage into your hair from roots to ends and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse out and condition as normal. Use on every wash until the condition of your hair improves and then once a week to maintain salon sleek hair.

This intensive treatment mask really gets down into the hair’s cortex to replenish lost moisture and form a frizz barrier. Ideal for difficult, dry, frizzy hair.

Sulfate and Sodium FREE! – suitable for customers with a Brazilian Blow Dry. In high concentrations, Sulfates and Sodium can be a little more harsh on the hair. Therefore my Sulfate and Sodium free formula helps to maintain the natural moisture balance.

Lee Stafford Frizz OFF Shampoo 250ml £9.99 Boots
Lee Stafford Frizz OFF Conditioner 250ml £9.99 Boots
Lee Stafford Frizz OFF Treatment £12.99 Boots

I’m due for another Nanokeratin treatment before the summer (if we have a typical rainy summer, my hair remains smooth and stays in style – the same if we have a hot and humid one), so I look forward to testing the shampoo, conditioner and treatment mask. As usual, I won’t post my review until all the products have been used up.

Lee Stafford Website

PS You have to be a ‘certain age’ to remember this one, but when I see the name Lee Stafford, I’m automatically reminded of a tv programme for Children in Need, a good few years ago, called Celebrity Scissorhands. Lee trained celebrities to cut real people’s hair for charity. I particularly recall the legend that is Steve Strange, using his unique creative flair to give one poor woman a bob to remember…

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