REVIEW: Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Neck Mask

Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Neck Mask

UPDATE: 7th October 2013

Yesterday I tested out the Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Neck Mask on my upper chest area. The instructions say that for optimum efficiency leave the mask on for up to 5 hours, so I made time and did just that.

The lines on my chest are rather pronounced with deep wrinkles, not caused by the evil that is sunlight – I’m meticulous about sunscreen, but from sleeping on my side.


Cleanse the area to be treated with warm water. Cut the package open on one side, there’s a pleasant waft of a natural rose scent and drain off the purified water. Because of the organic ingredients these masks have an expiry date, we’re talking several months not weeks though.

You would expect the mask to be slippery but it isn’t, even though it does feel wet. Hold it by the edges and gently put it in place on the desired area. At this stage the sheet mask is still fairly thick. It will feel cold to the touch, but not on your skin.


The mask is about 5 inches (13cm) long and of course, below those 5 inches, the skin will still be the same as before. If you were planning on wearing a low-cut top, then you would simply place the mask further down. All the areas you want to expose, cover with the mask.


I know the Under Eye Masks work, but the lines around my eyes are, for now, very fine, so I wasn’t sure if I’d get similar results on deeper lines.

I peeled away the sheet, which by now resembled a deflated gold balloon and it was as if my chest had been ironed! There’s no redness or residue left behind and the mask didn’t irritate my skin. 24 hours later and the skin is still line and crease free.

The result? A smooth chest and soft, even skin tone. Although the texture was even, it didn’t ‘plump’ up the skin the way it did on my eye area, I believe this is because the skin is thinner on the chest, but it most certainly smoothed it out.

The mask didn’t slip for 4 hours, although as the nutrients seep onto your skin, the mask visibly ‘deflates’ especially around the upper corners. I was able to carry on my day (inside the house!) as normal. It was only in the last hour that I bent down and the mask slid off – cue much hilarity from the family.

I’m rather thrilled with the results, this is an instant solution to a creased, crepey chest. Because the skin is smooth, any bronzer you apply won’t settle into pores or creases. You’ll feel more confident going to a big event with wrinkle free chest or of course, if you use the mask as it’s originally intended for, an unlined neck!


This is a luxury product without a luxury price tag; at just a fraction under £10.00 for each mask, I can’t think of a less expensive solution that will produce instant results.

Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Neck Masks £49.50 for a pack of 5.

Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Neck Mask


My neck is relatively unscathed from ageing (well, for now it is), but my chest area is suffering, not from sun damage, but from years of sleeping on my side, – how many times am I going to lecture you NOT to sleep on your side?

I can also see more than a hint of crepiness as well as faint fine creases. I’m hoping this mask will plump up the lines and smooth out my skin. I’ve already raved about Jamela’s 24K Gold Collagen Under Eye Masks so I’m really looking forward to trying this one out.

As we age, the outer layer of skin, the epidermis, thins.  The skin on your chest area is thin and delicate anyway, plus, the subcutaneous fat layer that plumps up skin also diminishes. Combine all this with less oil production from the sebaceous glands and it’s no wonder that the chest area is, for many women, one of the first places to show the signs of ageing.

This also makes sense when you think about those first fine lines around the eyes. The area is exposed to the sun, it thins, and gravity and loss of fat, ‘pulls’ the skin down, creating wrinkles.  We need to put moisture back and plump up the skin to fill in those lines. If you don’t want to go down the Botox/laser/fillers route, then it makes sense to explore more natural and non invasive alternatives.

Jamela have developed an exclusive formula for extracting the rejuvenating properties of Gold and infused them with organic nutrients and anti-oxidants into a collagen based all natural anti-ageing mask, which helps to stimulate 
collagen production, thereby, aiding the skin’s supporting structure which, increase its thickness and elasticity.

The application instructions on this mask recommend that, for ‘optimum efficiency’ leave the mask in place for up to 5 hours. Now, that’s a committment, but definitely worth it for a big event. I haven’t (yet) looked into the long-term benefits of these masks as I tend to keep them for special occasions.

There’s also a comprehensive range of masks from the Gold Collagen line: Face, Neck, Under Eyes, Breasts (stop sniggering!) Lip (interesting!) and Eye Circles.

Jamela 24K Gold Collagen Masks

The Under Eye masks are £46.75 for 16 pairs (just under £3.00 per pair).  Split up, they would make great little Christmas presents, either on their own or alongside a beauty gift. They’re different, the gold looks luxurious, but more importantly, they actually work!

24K Gold Under Eye Masks from Jamela Skincare

The combination of active gold and plant collagen helps to increase cellular metabolism. The rapid absorption of the nutrients replenishes moisture, firming the skin, resulting in a refreshed younger look. 

This unique treatment with its pure gold leaf and plant collagen is the professional, natural therapy for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles.

I’ll keep you updated.


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