REVIEW: iluminage Youth Activator UPDATED

iluminage Youth Activator

Technology hasn’t always been my friend, it would be true to say that I haven’t quite grasped how our big TV works, but give me a beauty device and, well, I consider myself a bit of an expert as I’ve tested quite a few.

Two of my absolute favourites (and in constant use) are the Newa Beauty Tool which uses radio frequency to deliver energy deep in the dermal tissue where collagen is formed, and LightStim red LED light therapy, which also works to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The iluminage Youth Activator Anti-Ageing Device combines these technologies in one device.

Its combination of Radio Frequency, Red LED and Infrared Light, combined with a unique serum, gives you professional technology that’s well-known to tackle fine lines and wrinkles.

Working together through the layers of your skin, it activates the production of collagen and elastin to improve your skin’s health.

In just a few weeks, you will see a visible improvement in your skin’s tone and texture, as well as a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

From your first use of the iluminage Youth Activator, your skin will be visible plumper and brighter looking.

Lesley Thomas, Beauty Director at The Times, wrote a rave review (see Press Reviews section) of this newly launched product after trialling it for four weeks. The only downside she could find is the time commitment required – five times a week for the first month, reducing to twice a week for the next four weeks.

The upside however, was that the texture of her skin was better, her jaw and cheekbones were tighter and she also noticed a subtle line reduction – all this in the first month. Suddenly, the ‘downside’ is more than worth it.


Suitable for using on your forehead, cheeks, chin and jaw line, your skin’s firmness will improve, as well as seeing a better contour on your face.


Delivering thermal energy deep within the layers of your skin, the dermis, the technology activates the production of collagen and elastin.

It immediately shortens the collagen fibres, which results in your skin’s appearance being more sculpted and toned.

To me, this still looks very much like the same technology as used in Collagen Wave Therapy treatments, much-loved by celebrities.


Working in combination with Radio Frequency, the Red LED and Infrared Light increases the cellular metabolism.

In turn this improves your skin’s health, its metabolism, tone and texture.

I couldn’t agree more and credit Red LED Light technology with repairing and restoring my skin after a serious allergic reaction.


  • iluminage Youth Activator Device
  • 2 x 50ml tubes iluminage Youth Activator Contouring Serum
  • USB Cord
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Instruction Manual


CurrentBody have given me the iluminage Youth Activator Anti-Ageing Device to trial for this site and after charging it for 4 hours and testing it on my arm (checking the area 24 hours later for any adverse reaction), I used it for the first time this morning.

As suggested in the video, I visually divided my face into four quadrants and applied the serum only to the area I was working on. The device fits comfortably in the hand.

I used setting one, but the heat was negligible, so I switched up to setting two for the other three sections. There is a feeling of slight warmth, but it’s not at all uncomfortable, my face was a little pink afterwards, though that didn’t last long.


All six metal ‘tabs’ at the top of the device should be in constant contact with the skin, otherwise, the red light goes out and it will stop working.

When I’m using a beauty tool I normally have a mirror to one side to keep an eye on how it’s going, and an iPad on the other to pass the time. Here though, I would recommend you stay in front of the mirror for the duration. Because you will be working outside and around the orbital bone, you need to pay attention. It’s only 15 minutes though, worth it at the end of 8 weeks!


I have to admit I concentrated on ‘circling’ the device around my temples, if I can tighten, and therefore lift, the area above and around my eyebrows then I know it will open up my eyes. There was even the most subtle of lifts after my first go, so this is what I’m going to do from now on. I have a fringe (best anti-ageing tip ever), that covers my forehead, so I can focus on lifting those eyebrow arches instead.

The slight lifting effect after my first treatment was more pronounced on the left side of my face – the side I DON’T sleep on. This always seems to be the case and once again, I urge you not to sleep on your side if you can help it.

I also found a tiny lift (left side again!) of a couple of cms on a marionette line, this is something else I’m going to watch out for over the coming couple of months.

I ‘rested’ all my devices for six weeks because I was trialling some new skin care products (hence, I’ve been a little quiet on here lately) and suddenly, these awful ‘puppet’ lines became much deeper, it’s so terribly ageing and was a horrible shock to the system, they have to soften!


iluminage Youth Activator £192.00 CurrentBody
Plus free iluminage Eye Mask.

 iluminage Youth Activator
I’ll post an update in 6 weeks.

27th July 2017

UPDATE 20th September 2017

Actually, this update is 8 weeks later, I rested the iluminage for a couple of weeks because of root canal treatment.

I always say it’s easier to see a tangible difference when you stop using something and boy, did I notice a drastic change! I was not happy.

I didn’t wear make up for a couple of weeks (cue glowing skin), but when I came to apply eye make up again, I could barely see the crease line! My upper eyelid was really fleshy and…(oh the horror) crepey! I didn’t know whether it was from old age natural ageing, or as a result of not using the device. I had that awful thing where my eyelid moved with my brush –  I thought I’d fixed that.

Plus, my jaw line and jowly bits were really soft and squidgy. I mean they weren’t exactly razor-sharp before, but they weren’t this bad.

Two weeks back to using the iluminage (and the prong ‘ELE Head Attachment’ on the NuFace – I have to give all eyebrow lifting credit to that one) and I can see my crease line again (although it’s more obvious on the right eye than the left).

The marionette lines running from my nose to my mouth aren’t half as puppet like as before. Confession! It’s wrong and I’m obviously going straight to hell, but because I feel self-conscious about them (there’s also now a tiny line going downwards at the corner of my mouth like a ventriloquist’s dummy mouth that’s infuriating me), I think they’re a real sign of ‘full on’ ageing, so I look out for these marionette/apron lines on other people and I’m shamefully pleased if I see younger women with them.

My jaw line is obviously taking longer, I really hope it is the device and not gravity at work here.

Of course, part of me is relieved, but the other part says, you do know you’re going to have to use these devices all the time now, or your face will melt into your neck?

Ageing is no fun (yes, Sherlock), and of course, I get why so many people will do anything to fight against it. My advice, as always, is to make time to use these anti-ageing devices, they’re an expensive investment after all.

I’ve cut everything down to three times a week, but even that can be hard to schedule, life gets in the way. I’ll tell you one thing though, I won’t be giving myself another two-week break  anytime soon!

Price drop £192.00 (at 20/9/17)







  1. Deb
    November 29, 2018 / 10:50 pm

    Hi, I am using the Iluminage youth activator. Firstly, I was cheesed if it was €100 pounds cheaper on eBay! My fault as didn’t do my research. Been using this into my second week now and I must say I CANNOT are even a slight difference! I’m so disopointed with it. I’m doing it correctly and really don’t see what all the hype is about. Haven’t completed the course I know but I’m boarded of spending 16 mins five days a week with not even a glimmer of hope! It often saps my face like an electric shock if a hair gets in the way. A waste of money for me.

    • unfadedbeauty
      November 29, 2018 / 11:02 pm

      Oh Deb, Sorry to hear you could’ve got it cheaper on eBay, l hate it when that happens.

      You’re not going to see ANY improvement after a mere two weeks, I hate to break it to you, but for most people visible changes won’t be evident for another 10 weeks! Yep, I said it – TEN weeks!

      The secret is to stay with it, you’ve paid enough for it, don’t abandon it now. You need to set it up so you can watch tv at the same time. Once you’re in a routine, it won’t seem like such hard work, I promise.

      You WILL get a nasty zap if skin to be treated isn’t fully covered by gel.

      Stick with it!

  2. February 12, 2019 / 9:32 pm

    this review seems to be saying that the device has short term results but actually makes your skin worse in the long term if you stop using it. Is that what you’re saying? I thought that it is supposed to stimulate collagen production so has a quite natural effect but you seem to indicate that it has a plumping up effect that is temporary??

    • unfadedbeauty
      February 12, 2019 / 9:58 pm

      Hi Chae,
      Thanks for commenting.
      I think I worded it badly. I meant that my face got worse because I didn’t use the iluminage.
      That’s the thing with all these anti-ageing gadgets, they work as long as you keep using them. Once settled into a routine, you can get away with using them 2 or 3 times a week, but the key is consistency.
      Stop using them for a significant amount of time and any collagen you’ve jolted awake gives way to gravity ie natural ageing.
      Life gets in the way, it’s not always practical to set aside 20 odd minutes. You have to set up, close yourself off from distractions and get on with it.
      But, things are changing for me now as both my sons have left home, I have the luxury of time and I’m getting myself into a routine again.
      I’m a firm believer in the gadgets I’ve reviewed on this site, they all have something to offer. Beauty ‘guru’ and respected make up artist, Lisa Eldridge, is a fan of NuFace (also reviewed on here). I feel vindicated that she’s also seeing results. They work, you just have to be consistent.

  3. Rachel
    April 20, 2020 / 4:30 pm

    Would you recommend the nuface Trinity or this device? So confusing!!

    • unfadedbeauty
      April 20, 2020 / 6:08 pm

      Hi Rachel,

      Good question!

      If I had to choose only one it would be the NuFace device.

      For a lesser spend you could go for NuFace Mini, now down to £141. Downside – you can’t use any attachments with it.

      For a bigger spend there’s the NuFace Trinity (now £250). The only attachment worth buying with it is the ELE head, this really lifts the eyelids and eyebrows (lip area – not so much), but it’s £142.

      However, I’ve just seen (as in this second when I was looking up prices) a new standalone NuFace device called Fix for £150. It looks like it does exactly what the prongs do, but you only have to buy that on its own.

      If you wanted to tone up the whole of your face, then it would be the NuFace device, but if you just wanted to lift crepey eyelids and brows then I’d go for the Fix.

      I want one myself now I’ve looked into it, It looks easier to use than the ELE attachment.

      Hope this has beena help and is not too confusing.

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