REVIEW: Contour Magic – NYX Powder Blush in ‘Taupe’

UPDATE: 4th October 2013

This NYX blusher in the ‘famous’ Taupe shade is one of those cult products people rave about on the net, Taupe PB11, is one of the cheapest make up items I own and yet it is easily the most versatile.

I’ve detailed below how to use the blush as a contour, but I’ve also been practising applying it in the other ways I mentioned and I’m happy to say practise does indeed make perfect.

For blondes, this ashy lavender/brown shade is perfect for filling in and adding a defining colour to eyebrows. I’m not keen on the solid, dark eyebrows that are still so popular, I think it makes women look hard. If you’ve said goodbye to 40 then you need the ‘softness’ of a powder to shade your brows.

Eye crease – Again, this is my first choice. It really is the colour of a natural shadow, which also makes it ideal to subtly dot and blend on those jowly parts that are starting to appear – damn you gravity! A dab of colour (less is more) and a lot of blending and watch those jowls recede. Use the same method to shadow out that double chin!

This shade is also really useful if you’re having a portrait photograph taken, this time you can really layer it on, it won’t look obvious on camera, yet it will hide all those little imperfections and create non exist cheekbones – just make sure you wipe it off before you hit daylight, otherwise you’ll look like Desperate Dan.

The NYX UK online store sell the blusher for £6.00 plus £4.50 for shipping).

However, there’s an authorised UK NYX stockist on Ebay called Beauty Mix Discounted Cosmetics who sell NYX Powder Blush in Taupe for £7.00 with free postage.

Source: Jamie Lewis Pinterest

UPDATE 11th June 2013

I love a product that lives up to the hype.  This is the perfect contour colour for pale to light medium skin tones.

It’s all to do with the fact that’s it’s not shimmery and how the shade mimics the exact colour of a shadow. Suck your cheeks in, see the colour of the hollow? THIS is that shade.

I’m looking at all the colour swatches online, including my own above and one from the official NYX site (below) and none of them convey the true ‘lavender greyness’ of this powder.

  • A touch under the chin to turn a double into a single (good for men as well!)
  • A delicate sweep along the jaw line also wonders. Be warned, too much and you’re in danger of looking like you’ve got 5 o’clock shadow.
  • Thin lines either side of a nose will slim it down nicely.
  • Works as a neutral crease colour too.
  • Also great for filling in fair eyebrows.

The pigment isn’t strong, which, for once, is exactly what we’re after.  You want to take time to build this colour, too much under the cheekbones and you’re straying into goth country.

It’s true to say that it takes a little practice to get the positioning of your contour lines right. Use a light hand and step back from the mirror every now and then to check progress and you too, will be a convert!

I’m not usually one for contouring and highlighting my face. The older I get, the longer my make up routine takes, so I don’t really have the luxury of time to mess around with contouring and yet, one product keeps catching my eye.

NYX Powder Blush in PB11 Taupe

Even though it’s marketed as a blusher, it seems to be universally accepted as a viable and more flattering, alternative to a shimmery bronzer for contouring.

Best described as a true taupe, it’s a matt, brownish grey with cool lavender undertones.

NYX Powder Blush Taupe

I first came across this wonder product on a website called Makeup Alley ALWAYS my first port of call when I’m considering purchasing a new skincare or make up product. Straightforward reviews are submitted by hundreds of women (and a sprinkling of men). Unless you join the site, you’ll only see the first page of reviews, although that’s sometimes more than enough to form an opinion.

I wouldn’t have thought a greyish powder would make a good contour colour but they’re all raving about it. It does appear to be better suited to pale skin tones though, as it seems to turn muddy grey on darker or tanned skins.

As our skin matures and we lose muscle tone, contouring (and of course,  highlighting), is a useful way to put back shade and light. The (buccal) fat pads in our cheeks are on their downward slide  so a little clever contouring (although not too much, we don’t want to emphasis a ‘sunken’ look) can help to create a slight ‘lift’ in the cheekbone area.

Subtle contouring will also slim down a round face, create a more defined jaw line and narrow a wide nose.

Here’s what reviewers have said about this particular blush when used as a contouring product.

Taupe blends easily and it provides contour on my cheekbones without the usual dark, muddy look of the past. I feared it was going to be too grey, but it worked out perfectly.

I consider myself a contour queen I was looking for something completely cool, with a gray undertone. This is perfect for that. I really like the purple tone in this, because it really mimics the shadow of a bone. That being said, do not go OTT with this, because chances are, you will look like a corpse.

If you have a very light skin tone and you think shaping with a bronzer is not your thing and always looks dirty: try this one!

The best budget contouring blush you will EVER need. The matte brown is very buildable, flattering and natural.

The quality of the blush is pretty good. A lot of pale people seem to like this for contouring and i can understand why. is extremely cool toned and will not pull muddy on pale skintones. but if you’re tan, this will appear a little grey on you.

This is an excellent contour colour because its a cool greyish tan/taupe colour, which is what natural shadows on skin looks like.

All-in-all, this is a very good inexpensive alternative to pricier contouring powders, and worth a try if you are just starting out with contouring and don’t want to blow a lot of money on a speciality product.

This is the best contour color I have ever found. Unlike everything else I tried before this has no orange in it at all and zero shimmer.

Use a light hand and build the color gradually or else you are left with “dirty” looking skin. lol

NYX Powder Blush Taupe

Other uses:

I use this for my brows. My tattooed brows have turned red and I was searching for inexpensive way to cover them with something that could withstand a day at a pool.

I haven’t used it as a contour face colour yet, but it makes a great crease eye colour. Perfect for day when you want to look a little more polished without looking heavy or made-up, just pretty and classic.

As usual, there are loads of excellent ‘how to’ instruction websites and contouring tutorials on the net.




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I bought my NYX Powder Blush PB11 in Taupe on eBay for £7.00 (free P&P).

The official NYX stockist sells it for £6.00 –  although it’s a whopping £4.50 for Post & Packing for that price I’d expect it to be hand delivered by a half-naked fireman with a huge hose…Plus it’s frequently out of stock.

I think this is going to take a lot of practise. I’ll let you know how I get on.


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