BOOTS No7 Age-Defying LED Mask


It's early days ie just two weeks in, but I'm quite excited to see if this works.

UPDATE 27th December 2021

Boots has replenished its supply of No 7 LED Masks, priced at £149.95 BOOTS * I thought they’d discontinued it which seemed odd as it was a runaway best-seller, but no, they’ve been making more stock but there’s no reduction in price.

Technically, it had almost the same spec as the best-selling CurrentBody mask priced at £279.00 * Still one of the most highly rated masks around with a proven record of reducing wrinkles.

It’s even more annoying because I’ve seen a huge improvement in skin texture, bounce and plumpness on my face since using this mask. LED devices have blown up over the past few years and people are now using them as an essential part of their anti-ageing regimen.

Instead, Boots is selling the SENSSE Professional LED Light Therapy Face Mask for a similar price £130.00 *

I have long been a fan of LED devices, I reviewed LightStim many years ago here (beware the ‘before’ photos) and I credit it for smoothing and plumping my neck after a severe allergic reaction. LED works, I’m proof. The LightStim device is still on sale today £161.00 (from £215) CurrentBody * but I feel it has been left behind for the more glamorous and let’s face it, wider-reaching, LED face masks.

LightStim For Wrinkles - LED Light Therapy

I use the Boots mask alongside my replacement for LightStim, LED Precision £99.00 CurrentBody* to reach the areas the mask can’t, ie the neck and over the mouth. To double down on the benefits I also apply TonyMoly Green Tea Cream  £17.45 Beauty Bay (30% off) 15 minutes prior to using the devices.

CurrentBody Skin LED Precision


Black Friday is coming up, so I’m going to assume there will be price reductions. Shop around!


Let’s tell it as it is – Boots has copied CurrentBody’s insanely successful LED Light Therapy Face Mask and produced their own version for a lot less than half the price.

BOOTS No7 Age-Defying LED Mask

Introducing the next generation of clinic inspired LED technology at home. Powered by the clinically proven technology of red and near infra-red LEDs, this mask targets multiple signs of ageing to revitalise skin.

The intensive, but pain-free wavelengths are harnessed at the perfect level to work beneath the surface where skin ageing begins.

This age-defying technology is designed to help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, helping to reveal youthful-looking skin.


1. Before starting a treatment, thoroughly cleanse your skin using your favourite cleanser and ensure your skin is clean and dry.
2. After cleansing, place the No7 LABORATORIES Age-Defying LED Mask comfortably over the face, securing the strap around your head.
3. Use the mask for 10 minutes, five times a week.
4. Remove the mask and follow with your favourite serum and moisturiser.
5. Use once a day, 5 times a week. Do not use more than 3 times within 24 hours.

BOOTS No7 Age-Defying LED Mask


  • Do not use the device after the application of products that contain SPF as this may block light penetration.
  • Please do not use your LED Mask Treatment alongside No7 1.5% Retinol Complex as this may increase the skin’s sensitivity.
  • If Accutane or Retinoids are being used, the skin may be extra photosensitive and have a reaction, so it’s best to proceed with caution or plan skincare regimens around the use of those products.

I’m interested in these precautions because I’ve been using (and loving) LED devices for a while now and I’ve not read (or maybe I missed it), the warning about the use of retinoids with LED.

Fortunately, the only retinol product I use is Elizabeth Arden Retinol Ceramide Line Erasing Night Serum Capsules (review here). The percentage of retinol in these capsules is extremely low, so I’m good to go.


CurrentBody*  has its own mask on limited offer (17/7/21) for £249.00. It’s one of the most popular LED masks out there and if you have the money to spend on it, then it’s worth every penny. It’s much loved for a reason.

The Boots* version was down to £100.00 (I paid £90.00 because I found a voucher online) from £149.95- though some people bought it for £79.99 during the January sales.

Unfortunately, if you missed this post (first published 22 June) the first time around, you’ll now have to pay the full price of £149.95.


The mask is extremely similar to the CurrentBody one. It feels lighter, but not as flimsy as I was expecting. The rechargeable handset looks identical to the CB one but works in a slightly different way.

You turn the handset on and then press a button at the bottom of the mask itself to begin the 10 minute timed treatment session. Afterwards, you must remember to turn the handset off so the battery doesn’t drain.

It’s recharged via a USB port although there’s no plug supplied. cheapskatesBOOTS No7 Age-Defying LED Mask



Not all LED masks are the same. For anti-ageing you really need red light and infrared light. Also, the intensity needs to be at a certain level for it to work effectively from research that has been done. There are few masks that meet these criteria and they are usually very expensive. The No7 LED mask meets the criteria in fact, it has the same spec as the CurrentBody mask.

I have been using the mask for just over 8 weeks now. It takes time to get results and I have started to notice how much firmer my skin is, fine lines are reducing. It is really easy to use just attach the power pack put it on a cleansed face and switch it on. It has a 10 min timer and it is really relaxing. I would highly recommend it. I see it as an investment. During this pandemic where so many things are out of our control self-care is the key.

I was wondering how she compared the two masks, then I found the technical information on the instruction leaflet in the tiniest font imaginable.



BOOTS 630nm Red +/- 10nm visible light. 850nm Infrared +/- 10nm non-visible light

CURRENTBODY Red (633nm) and near Infra-Red Light (830nm).

I’m no scientist, but that’s similar, right?

BOOTS No7 Age-Defying LED Mask


If there’s a recurring complaint about the Boots mask it’s that the connector to recharge it is flimsy. I would agree, but now I’m aware of it, I’m very careful when disconnecting and plugging it back in and so far, I’ve had no issues.


The one thing I’m really not at all happy about is the warranty which is the shortest I’ve ever seen at a mere four weeks. FOUR WEEKS? That doesn’t exactly scream confidence in their product, does it? It’s very puzzling. CurrentBody has a more reassuring two-year warranty.

Although, believe me when I say if the mask stopped working within a year, I would go back to Boots kicking and screaming for a new one.


The mask fits securely and is comfortable to wear. It’s so snug in fact, you can actually see out of the eye cutouts without any red light interrupting your vision.

The instructions recommend that the face is cleansed prior to use, but I apply Tonymoly The Chok Chok Green Tea Watery Essence or the cream formula, 15 minutes before I use it to maximise the benefits.

The essence sinks in so there’s no trace on the mask, although I do wipe it down with a barely damp muslin cloth after each treatment to keep the mask clean.

Read about the benefits of using Green Tea products with LED Light Therapy here.

It’s early days ie just two weeks in, but I’m quite excited to see if this works.

It's early days ie just two weeks in, but I'm quite excited to see if this works.

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