UKLash Eyelash Separator Review: Perfectly Separated Lashes

Achieve perfectly separated, clump-free lashesUKLash Eyelash Separator


I have short fair eyelashes and must wear mascara (and eyeliner) every day if I don’t want my eyes to disappear altogether.

I need to apply a couple of coats of mascara but my lashes always seem to stick together in little points. I use a small plastic eyelash comb and a clean spoolie to separate my lashes but they usually end up clumpy.

I want to say I found this brand by chance but they were the top result in Google search. Clever, paid for marketing? You don’t know how good a product is unless you use it practically.


Our UKLASH Lash Separator is an innovative lash comb that glides through your lashes to remove excess mascara, leaving lashes lengthened and defined.

The inventive design provides a singular comb which is carefully crafted in a c-curve to assist with the separating and curling of the lashes. The hardwearing, metal construction makes for easy cleaning, whilst the contrasting matte black handle allows for a strong grip throughout use.

Its c-curve shape is developed to sit within your lash line comfortably and ensures it reaches every hair to define and remove any mascara clumps

The hard-wearing metal comb makes for easy cleaning, meaning you can re-use again and again

Safe to use on sensitive lashes as well as extensions and falsies

UKLash lash separator review


The UKLash Eyelash Separator has a sleek and ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hand, the wand is the perfect length and feels sturdy yet lightweight.

The teeth are made from durable, high-quality stainless steel to remain rust-free. Wipe clean with a damp cloth immediately after every use. There’s also a protective case that covers the teeth perfectly, the two larger prongs guide it into the cap with ease. It travelled well and didn’t fall off.

I was apprehensive as the prongs looked intimidating and would poke me in the eye, but they glided through my lashes easily. I was even able to use three coats of mascara.

The lash separator is priced competitively, for the solidness and quality, I think it’s excellent value for money at £8.00.

There are a lot of very similar-looking products on the market – has anyone ever bought anything from Temu? But I bet the quality isn’t the same.


Everything I’ve bought from this company – I added a few more things to my basket with the lash separator looks and feels expensive without the price tag.

I bought the Eyelash Serum + Eyebrow Serum Set On offer for £68.40 from £76.00. (24/05/24)

UKLash offers a risk-free Money-Back Guarantee if you have not achieved any broe or lash improvement after 12 weeks of use. I’m not sure if there’s enough product for 12 weeks. I’ve only been using the serums for 3 weeks, so far too early to tell. I read that it’s more like 8 weeks worth so I  think I will need to repurchase.

I was in the market for more eye patches and bought uklash Hydra-Gel Eye Patches for £40.00 for 30 pairs. These are excellent for smoothing the under-eye area before makeup and they cover a large area. They are not suspended in a solution but are thick and gradually thin on the skin. Again, the feel of the box and the packaging is high quality. That makes such a difference, everything seems well thought out and premium.

uklash sell hair growth products, lash curlers, brow gel pomades and pencils in brown to black shades. Annoyingly their volume boost mascara is only available in extra black.

uklash serum eyepatches

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