TRIAL: Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet 1ST UPDATE

Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet
Three months into the Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet trial (read my original post here for the introduction to Theradome’s advanced laser phototherapy) and I have a few updates.

Foolproof. It really is as simple as placing it on your head and pressing the button on the back.

An electronic voice informs you of the number of treatments to date; that treatment has begun; how many minutes are left at various intervals and when the treatment is over.


I’ve got to be honest here and say it wasn’t at first. I think we all have unusually small heads because the helmet felt big and a bit loose. The nodules inside the helmet felt a little spiky, which in turn made the helmet feel heavier than it is, because it’s actually very lightweight.

The easy solution was to customise the fit by using the sticky backed foam pads supplied with the helmet. Once they were in place (via a helpful diagram in the instruction booklet to guide you), then the helmet felt light and comfortable.


It feels quite secure on and yes, you can move around without feeling it’s going to fall off. But really, stick to reading, watching tv or relaxing during the 20 minute treatment.

Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet 1ST UPDATE
Subject A Pre-menopausal woman with fine hair

This is interesting, because there’s no real difference you can actually see or photograph (at least not yet, it’s very early days), it’s more how it’s grown.

Namely, the roots. My roots are horrendous. My hair is fine and fragile and I don’t like to over highlight it, but within a mere week of having them done, my roots started to show through.

The only saving grace is that my roots are coming through blonde, not white as before. I can live with that.

Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet Subject B 55-year-old male with typical male pattern baldness.

The (3 month) difference here is subtle, but there’s no denying that something is definitely happening.

Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet Subject C Elderly woman with severe hair thinning

I think this is amazing for a mere three months. You can clearly SEE the new growth. It’s evident too, that the hair is stronger looking as well.

I’m going to use these photos as a guide for the next update, and take the new ones in exactly the same positions.

Theradome™LH80 Pro Laser Helmet

This helmet is long-term commitment, but it’s a technology that has been proven to work.

These are very early, but immensely encouraging results. I hope you look forward to the next update, we certainly are!

Theradome™ LH80 Pro Laser Helmet £649.00 (inc VAT)

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