TRIAL: Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Thinning Hair Treatment

Phyto PhytoLium 4 Chronic Thinning Hair Treatment
Hair loss is upsetting at any age, but when its long-term, it’s truly devastating. Hair is such an integral part of our identity as women, whether it’s long or short.

Control over our hair is limited due to the fact that we are born with a set amount of hair follicles and that number remains the same throughout our life. But what we can do, is provide a nourishing scalp environment to prevent further hair loss and encourage dormant hairs to ‘wake’ up and grow.

My own fine hair has thinned at certain stages in my life, a broken leg, two pregnancies and, on going, an under active thyroid gland. Each time though, I’ve managed to (slowly, for there are no ‘quick fix’ solutions) bring it back from the brink with a combination (at various times) of my 7 hair heroes:

  • Spatone Iron Water
  • Vitamins – Biotin, Silica, Flaxseed Oil
  • Salmon
  • Walnuts
  • Collagen Drinks – I’m convinced it’s the marine gelatine

Hair Heroes

It’s never been ‘Can’t leave the house’ thin, more, ‘Had to get up 30 minutes earlier to load up my hair with thickening products’ thin. At this moment though, all is good, volume-wise. It also helps that I had a new and particularly technical, hair cut yesterday (more on this next month), which totally transformed my hair’s style, texture and volume.

I do though, have a reviewer who isn’t so fortunate. She has just started a 12 week trial of Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Thinning Hair Treatment – An advanced clinical treatment targeting chronic and severe hair thinning. We both look forward to seeing the results in 3 months times.


A biotechnical innovation, Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Thinning Hair Treatment (12 x 3.5ml) is the first formula for thinning hair with CapicellPro, a complex that protects follicular cells. This regenerating concentrate helps accelerate growth and redensifies hair.
Help delay hair thinning while encouraging growth and thickening your hair with Phyto Phytolium 4 Anti-Thinning Hair Concentrate. This botanical concentrate regenerates the area surrounding the hair bulb while stimulating cells to improve growth and tone. Intercelluar exchanges are encouraged to provide denser, stronger growth.


Use on damp hair after shampooing.
Apply to scalp with the applicator tip, working section by section.
Massage lightly to distribute product evenly.
Style as usual.
Do not rinse.

While almost everyone is busy “keeping their age at bay” with the latest in facial creams, treatments and products, we’ve somehow left out one equally important factor in looking youthful—our scalp. A healthy scalp produces healthy and therefore beautiful hair, and it isn’t called crowning glory for nothing. Good, healthy hair can complete the youthful package we strive to achieve.
Though hair loss is primarily caused by genetics, other factors such as the stress today’s working woman experiences and hormonal imbalances (hello, menopause!) are also listed as causes.
Losing a few strands at a time is nothing to worry about. Eighty-five percent of our hair is growing hair while the remaining 15 percent is dying hair that will soon be replaced after falling off. But if you’re running your fingers through your hair and 20 or more strands fall off, then it is abnormal and most probably a sign of hair loss.

Dominique Vedy, Technical Director at Phyto


I had huge shedding late March/early April and I started the Phytolium 4. The hair concentrate didn’t immediately reduce the hair loss which continued for a good 5 to 6 weeks. But lo and behold! Now I notice tons of new hair growth which has grown past an inch and which looks like they are going to grow for a long time to come. I’ve never had so much regrowth before, I feel it’s really working at the core of the hair follicle to really extend the life-cycle of new growth.
My hypothesis-based on my experience with this product is – When you start to use it, it push out all the weak, catagen hair into its telogen phase, but really starts working at the new anagen hair phase to extend their growth period, hence the vigourous new hairs all over my head. I feel hope after so long a period of despair.

I am now half way in my second box of treatment. Initially, I got a major shedding of hairs that were in the catagen phase, but now I see lots of new hairs all around my front head. The new growth is really strong and while previously, they seemed fragile and fell off very easily, they now seem really anchored to my scalp. I’m thinking the Phytolium 4 is really effective and I’m excited about the results.

After 5 weeks I truly believe my hair is falling out within the normal range or maybe even less than normal. Before, I would find a lot of hair trailing off my head on my hairbrush. I was losing hair rapidly and was starting to see my scalp through the thinning hair. Now, I can’t see my scalp as easy as before. I have small wispy hairs starting to fill in bare spots.

I have had my 3rd week application and definitely seeing a difference. I agree it has an odd smell and I like to leave it on all day so I like the idea of using it at night, glad I read that review now that I’ve used the product. It only takes 5 minutes to apply for healthier more vibrant hair worth every penny. I was told by the consultant that when you are done the 12 vials then you start using a maintenance spray if your hair has improved.

Like so many other people was not sure about this product when I first started using it. But I have to say it really has helped my hair grow back in. I had radiation on the top of my head and I had the (cat fuzzy) stuff for a while. I was beginning to believe it would always be that way, but when I started using this product, I did not see a difference at first, but after using the product for 3 months as advised, I DID see a difference do. This product is pricey, but I feel it’s worth the money.

After five months of use, I’m extremely pleased with this product. My hair had thinned out at an alarming rate which I blame on menopause. Now there is clearly new growth and my hair is stronger and shinier than ever. I apply it to the top of my head after every shampoo which is approximately every other day.

I’ve used both the Phytocyane and the Phytolium thinning hair treatments since I noticed my hair started to get thin last year. I feel the Phytocyane is good for daytime as it adds volume to the hair. For thinning, though, I think this one is the better of the two. I have to use it at night because it does weigh the hair down but it smells nice.
It is expensive, but one box lasts me about 12 weeks since I use a third of the vial per treatment. To be honest, I think you can get a pretty generous amount across the whole scalp with no more than half a bottle. The directions say use one whole vial per treatment but I don’t think it’s necessary.

Phyto Phytolium 4 Chronic Thinning Hair Treatment
Phyto PhytoLium 4 Chronic Thinning Hair Treatment 12 x 3.5ml £45.50 Look Fantastic

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