REVIEW: Perricone MD Blue Plasma UPDATED

Perricone MD Blue Plasma
A revolutionary, non-acidic daily peel for smoother, brighter skin. Formulated with Salmon Roe Enzyme and Copper.

Blue Plasma is one of Perricone MD’s best-loved and highly rated products – after using it for a mere three weeks, I can see why. Blue Plasma is daily liquid exfoliant formulated to target only dead skin cells and at the same time, hydrate skin.

Exfoliation is an important step in our anti-ageing skin care regimen, especially as new skin cell turnover slows down as we age. Dead skin hold onto dirt and can make skin look dull. Gentle exfoliation also allows for better absorption of creams and serum. But exfoliators are tricky; harsh, grainy ones can cause skin damage and some exfoliators leave the skin dry as they strip new skin cells along with old dead skin cells.


A unique, non-acidic daily peel designed to deliver all the benefits of a traditional peel without redness or irritation. This cutting edge liquid treatment works with Bio-specific Peeling to attack only dead skin cells, Micro-extraction to lift surface debris, unclogging and purifying the skin of build-up and finally Hydro-fusion to rebalance skin’s hydration with enriched water. No rinsing needed. Apply and follow with your daily skin care regimen.

Because it is an exfoliant (albeit a non-acidic one), I was cautious and tested it carefully before using it on my face – absolutely no adverse reaction. In fact, this bright blue serum feels pleasant on the skin, there’s no stinging, it’s fairly ‘slippy’ so spreads beautifully.

The serum is to be applied once a day after cleansing and I firmly believe this should always be at night. I’m not going to lie, there is a distinct fishy smell which I can only describe it as ‘walking past a fish and chip shop’. The good news however, is that the smell disappears after 10 minutes – I know this, because I timed it. Stay put in the bathroom and flick through a magazine or tidy a cupboard during this time – just don’t venture out! It also doesn’t dry on the skin, but leaves a slight, non sticky sheen.

A lot of reviews say results were noticeable in a very short period and I can only agree with this. It’s only been 3 weeks, but there is a tangible feel and difference already. There’s none of the traditional ‘dryness’ you can experience with some exfoliants because skin is kept moist by the enriched water.  My skin is noticeably softer and smoother, it’s definitely doing something!


I only started using this product 4 days ago, I already use other Perricone products. There was a lot of hype behind this product so my expectations were high and so far expectations are exceeded.

I apply a few drops at night after cleansing with citrus facial wash, a little of this blue gem goes a long way. I don’t really notice the smell so it can’t be that bad. <It is!

After just a few days my complexion is noticeably more even, the pores on my cheeks reduced. My skill looks healthy and it feels fantastic. I have suffered no redness or irritation. I suffer breakouts on my nose and already the redness is greatly reduced and the skin visibly clearer and healing.

I loved the dropper for removing Blue Plasma from the bottle. No skin irritation which is good. Initially, I was slightly apprehensive in leaving it on overnight and the effect it may have on my skin. I need not have worried! No puffiness, irritation. Since using Blue Plasma My skin is looking smoother and luminous.

Initially I was little uncertain about Blue Plasma as I have very sensitive skin and the marketing tells me about the ‘non-acidic daily peel’ that delivers all the benefits of a traditional peel which I have never tried for fear of flaking, red itchy skin.

I have to say I love Blue Plasma, my skin felt great even on first application and others have noticed the radiance of my skin because they keep asking if I have been on holiday ! I still cannot believe this is actually a peel it is weightless and very comfortable on the skin with great results, really very impressed.

I have been using the product for just over a week and have noticed a visible difference in my skin, I have been applying Blue Plasma every evening to a cleansed skin, the results I have noticed are my pores are more refined, my skin looks more clarified and radiant, my face is more hydrated and my skin feels soft and smooth with no under the skin congestion.

So far, so good – Blue Plasma is a gentle exfoliant, mild enough to use every day. It only targets dead skin cells and doesn’t dry out skin, but keeps it smooth and moist.  I also like the fact that it doesn’t take time to kick in, I can see results already. I will definitely write a follow-up post when the bottle is empty.

UPDATE: 16th February 2015

This is my second favourite Perricone MD product (after Hyalo Plasma).

I think the best thing about Blue Plasma is that results are visible after a short amount of time. I had a problem with dry areas on my cheeks, foundation would settle there and go all patchy, this soon went. Once your skin is sorted, foundation goes on much more smoothly.

I have mild rosacea (hence a 3 week patch testing period before I trial any skin care product – which I recommend everyone does). So I’m pleased to say the redness on my cheeks has quietened down an awful lot since using Blue Plasma.

Over Christmas, and with lots of staying in and playing their X Boxes with friends in stuffy rooms (their ideal Christmas), my two teenagers’ skin suffered from spots and extreme dryness.

After lots of persuasion and listening to them moaning about the ‘fishy’ smell (oh the drama!). I held them down and applied just a couple of drops of Blue Plasma to their skin (avoiding the spotty areas).

Even they were surprised the next morning when the dry areas I treated were gone – although they wouldn’t let me apply it again!

If you’re looking a gentle exfoliator, suitable for sensitive skin, then I would definitely suggest giving Blue Plasma a try. I would also recommend looking at the Perricone MD website to read up more on the cold plasma delivery system.

The 59ml bottle lasted just over 7 weeks with regular nightly applications.

Anti-ageing skin care technology is evolving, it’s exciting to see companies researching new methods to assist skin absorption of their products more effectively. I really welcome this, because I’ve become quite disheartened when I see women, especially those in the public eye, look eerily similar to one another after long-term use of Botox and fillers.

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