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Bye bye, over indulgent (but fun) Christmas 2014 and hello healthy 2015!

I’m on day 2 of a 14 Day Teatox plan from Slenderteatox, consisting of 21 teabags – 14 of the ‘day’ teabags – one each day and 7 ‘night’ tea bags – one every other night. The organic herbs in the tea have a gentle colon cleansing effect and will ‘flush out’ (yeah, you know what I mean) some of those nasty processed food ‘toxins’ we all enjoyed so much over the festive break. 


Made from a purely natural organic herbal blend, Slendertoxtea is a Teatox designed to detoxify and cleanse, increase metabolism, suppress your appetite, burn calories and increase energy.



The Day and Sleeptox teabags contain the same herbs, with the addition of valerian root extract to aid sleep for the night-time teabags.


Upon rising, drink your tea every morning or as near to waking, for the duration of your teatox.

Use a medium-sized cup of warm, but not boiling, water and allow to brew for 3-5 minutes, depending on sensitivity and tolerance.

It is advised that you begin the teatox on a weekend or a rest day. This is obviously in case your system reacts a little too fast and you need to make a few extra bathroom breaks.

There’s also a Healthy Eating Plan to download (essentially cutting out all the delicious bad stuff you enjoyed during Christmas, with menus including lots of fish, fruit and vegetables).


I’m quite surprised actually, I was expecting the teas to be bitter or strong, but they’re not at all. The taste is light and mild.


There is a lot of important information on the official website, which I suggest you read thoroughly before embarking on a plan. We are after all, talking about a laxative effect that may kick in anytime after 4 hours (the day time tea bags) up to 10 hours (the night tea bags), and you really do need to know all the facts first, ie could it interfere with your contraceptive pill (yes, possibly depending on when you take it), to drinking lots of water to counterbalance possible dehydration.


14 Day Teatox £19.99
14 Day Daytox £13.99
14 Day Sleeptox £9.99
28 Day Teatox £32.99




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UPDATE: 20th January 2015

First things first, I lost 3½lbs* in 2 weeks. It might have been more, but during the first week (1½lbs lost), I was a bit lax on the old ‘diet’ side. Plus, I found a couple of emergency Lindt balls hidden in the back of the fridge and sadly, I did have the odd one with my daily Day Toxtea cuppa. The second week I was better and ate fewer sweet things.


The laxative effect is ‘stronger’ (for want of a better word), during the first couple of days. I would recommend starting off with Sleep TeaTox, late on a Saturday evening, to give you all of Sunday to get used to the *aherm* after effects, which actually, are not so bad. It’s not like an Olympic dash to the bathroom, more of a gentle trot. *pun intended*

My skin didn’t break out, apart from a sudden spot on the tip of my nose (always the hardest to disguise).


I find some herbal teas tend to be on the bitter side, but this tea (both the day and night bags) is smooth and pleasant to drink.

Follow the brewing instructions to the letter. I find that when I make a cup of herbal tea, I tend to forget about it and come back to it much later. Don’t do that with this tea, stay with it and time it to the minute. The first week, I kept the seeping time to a strict 3 minutes. The second week, I increased it to 4 minutes.

The directions also say ‘warm’ not boiling, water. What I did, was boil the kettle and add bottled water to bring the temperature down to warm. This meant I didn’t have to hang around in the morning waiting for the kettle to cool.


All in all, it’s been a success and I’m immensely pleased to have been given the opportunity to trial this tea by SlenderToxTea – Thank you.

*I’m too old for kilos.

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