Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté & Neck Concentrate

Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté & Neck Concentrate

My ongoing quest for the perfect neck and chest cream continues with Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate.

Clarins anti-ageing neck cream replenishes, repairs, firms, tightens and brightens the vulnerable skin on the chest and neck, restoring the look of youth and elegance to ageing skin.

The anti-ageing neck cream is enriched with targeted, age-fighting plant extracts which help boost collagen synthesis and replenish the skin, minimising the appearance of wrinkles, roughness, discolourations and slackened skin.

Added Vitamin C energises and evens the skin while Parsley extract brightens, combats dark spots, filters and purifies.


I moved on to this cream from the extra firming one about a year ago, and just love it. It is so rich and makes my skin look great.

People comment on how good my neck and decollete look for my age and I always say this is down to Clarins. I find all the Super Restorative range amazing.

My neck has improved since using cream 3 months ago. I use once to twice a day. Still some cream left. My skin fells lovely after putting on cream and there has been a noticable improvement since using.

After dieting, my neck was flabby and skin loose. Combination of firming exercises a few times a week and this cream every day, I feel my neck is softer, firmer and looks a lot better. I would definitely recommend.

I have tried other brands (sorry Clarins), but am firmly now a Clarins customer. This is one product I always notice if I’ve missed my daily application.


Apply every morning and/or evening. Warm a little product in your hands and gently press down over your neck and chest area.


I initially thought this was a new product, but actually, it’s been around for a good few years, and is much-loved by the testing panel for the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, high praise indeed.

The scent is more delicate version of the usual ‘fresh/spa like’ Clarins fragrance and it absorbs well (give it a minute or so to sink in), without feeling sticky.

I was wondering how one of the reviewers above made her tube last three months, but of course it’s because it is so rich and a little spreads far.

I just use my fingers to ‘warm’ the product, because I’ve had creams that have absorbed a little too well in my palms, and have ‘disappeared’ before I get a chance to apply them.

This is one of those creams you test on the back of your hand and skin instantly becomes silky smooth, which is why it already feels lovely when applied, I look forward to seeing more long term benefits as well.


If there’s one part of the turkey you don’t want at Christmas, (or any time of the year for that matter), it’s the dreaded turkey neck.

Check out  Facerobics Turkey Neck Eliminator exercise.



Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté & Neck Concentrate 75ml Clarins

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