NU SKIN: ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ II

ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ II

I’m at the start of a trial for a at-home spa treatment called the Galvanic Spa System (ageLOC® Edition) by a company called Nu Skin.

Galvanic (low-voltage current of electricity) facials have been around for decades and can cost anything from £60-80 for an in-salon treatment. The idea behind the Glavanic Spa is that you can get the same (or better!) results at home, in less time and with a long-term saving.


A programmable instrument with patented self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp and body.

The Spa uses self-adjusting galvanic currents and interchangeable conductors to enhance delivery ie ‘facilitate the transport’ of Nu Skin’s specially formulated ageLOC® anti-ageing ingredients to the skin.

The products contain key ingredients which carry a positive or negative charge. The instrument is also set to have the same charge as the product. Skin is also more receptive to products applied within 24 hours of the treatment.

After selecting your treatment programme (see below). Moisten your hand and fingers and place them on the metal panel on the back of the Spa during treatment, to create a circuit. You cannot lift the Spa from the your skin during treatment or you will break the circuit and have to start again.

When you begin a treatment, you will hear one, two or three beeps as the instrument automatically sets the current level for your skin type (mine always beeps just once for my sensitive skin).

You will also hear beeps at 10-second intervals during your treatment. In addition, you will hear one long beep followed by two shorter beeps when your treatment is complete.

4 Interchangeable Conductors:

Facial Conductor
Face Conductor – A large, grooved surface area keeps the product in constant contact with the skin and provides up to five times more ageLOC® ingredients to the skin.
Spa Scalp Conductor
Scalp Conductor – This comb-like conductor glides easily through the hair and maintains close contact with the scalp to deliver the benefits of the treatment product to the hair and hair follicles.
Spa Body Conductor
Body Conductor – Three rounded nodes maximise surface area contact for wider coverage and better massaging action.
Focus Area Conductor
Focus Area Conductor – This flat, smooth, oval-shaped conductor is ideal for use in targeting small focus areas such as around the eyes and mouth, helping to deliver a more concentrated treatment.
Two AAA batteries (already installed)
Storage bag
2 Year Warranty

There are four treatment programmes for each head. The shortest is two minutes and the longest is five minutes. The idea is that you get all the benefits of a ‘full-on’ facial treatment in less than 10 minutes.

Treatment programme display

  • FACIAL PRE-TREATMENT GEL –  2 minutes (2/3 times a week)
  • FACIAL TREATMENT GEL – 3 minutes (2/3 times a week)
  • TRU FACE LINE CORRECTOR – 5 minutes (twice a day)
  • BODY SHAPING GEL – 5 minutes (2 days per week)
  • NUTRIOL HAIR FITNESS – 2 minutes (3 times a week)

I am trialling ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ II using the Face Conductor with Nu Skin®’s Facial Gels and the Focus Area Conductor with Tru Face® Line Corrector.

I also have Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatments but I will use these without the Galvanic Spa System. My hair is long and I found I couldn’t use the Scalp Conductor without lifting it up (and thus breaking the circuit), I think the hair treatment are best suited to those with shorter hair.

For more reading, I recommend a very useful website (no connection to Nu Skin), called Spafinder Wellness 365. It lists brief, but comprehensive guides to a huge range of facial treatments, including of course the galvanic facial.

ageLOC® Edition Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ II £291.00
Nu Skin Galvanic Spa System™ Facial Gels with ageLOC® 1 box 8 vials £45.37
Tru Face® Line Corrector 30ml £44.36
Nutriol® Hair Fitness Treatment Box of 12 £63.10
ageLOC® Body Shaping Gel 150ml £46.44

UPDATE: May 2015 
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