Touche Éclat’s Second Cousin

Liz Earle's Light Reflecting Concealer
Liz Earle’s Light Reflecting Concealer – I bought this last week with the March Make Up Must Haves offer. I loved the cream blusher but wasn’t so sure about this product.

Our multi-tasking, silky formula blends smoothly over bare skin or make up, to help disguise signs of tiredness and add radiance by brightening dark circles and subtly highlighting cheek and brow bones.

Like most women, I’ve used YSL’s iconic Touche Éclat Highlighting pen at one point, although I never did get to grips with the whole ‘concealer/highlighter’ thing. For me, it didn’t really conceal or highlight.  Back then the pen only came in the one shade which I always found it a little too pink for my pale skin. The light reflecting part didn’t work on me either, but I did use it everyday, probably out of habit.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Liz Earle’s Light Reflecting pen is essentially the same product, a massive £10.00 cheaper as well, but does it work?

Liz Earle's Light Reflecting Concealer
I’ve only used it under my eyes, although looking properly at the website,  there appears to be six different ways to use it, one is of particular interest which I’ll try tomorrow.

Make your lips look fuller by smoothing a little concealer over the contour of your upper lip. Soften the line with your fingertip.

There’s also a video demonstration, but as they’ve used a 25-year-old model with perfect skin, I’m watching it for the application technique, not the results.

It comes in four shades:

Ranging from ‘fair, alabaster complexions’ to ‘most Asian and light Afro-Caribbean skin tones’

I’ve read that some people have complained that it’s a bit too watery, but that’s the one thing I love about this product, it IS light, which means it doesn’t cake. Mature skin is thinner, especially under the eye area and a build up of product settles into creases too easily and looks plain nasty and ageing. I love the ‘lightness’ of it, plus the Fair 01 shade is more ‘pale beige’ than pink.

I’m still waiting for Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer to come back into stock, the lightest shade is obviously THE best seller, but I’m happy to say the Liz Earle copycat is doing a good job of disguising dark circles.

Not for everyone, but if you’re looking for a lighter, cheaper alternative to the YSL pen then yes, this is definitely worth a try.

I’ll come back to this in a month and see how long the pen lasted and if the additional ways of using the pen worked out.

Liz Earle’s Light Reflecting Concealer £15.50

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