Tommyguns Pomegranate & Orange Flower Shampoo

Sometimes you’ve got to give your hair a well earned rest from ‘specialised’ shampoos and conditioning treatments, even my beloved hair oils used sparingly, can cause a build up.

Enter then, this gentle, gorgeously fragranced (and reasonably priced) shampoo by Tommyguns. A light, gentle shampoo you can use every day.

Sure, the shampoo delivers, foams nicely and leaves hair squeaky clean, but it’s the smell that makes it a bit special.  I first realised how much the fragrance lingered when my hair whipped around my face (I’m one of those suckers who buys hair perfume – madness), and I caught a lovely whiff of…well, definitely, not oranges, which I’m not keen on, but orange flowers which have a very different scent to the fruit, much more delicate, but somehow fresh and summery without being sickly.

There are various studies detailing how fragrance and memory are linked. I always take this shampoo on holiday and even the kids don’t seem to mind using it (probably because they can’t smell it on their hair). It means that when I use it back at home, I’m reminded of holidays and sunshine. If I buy a perfume or body lotion for the first time at the airport pre flight, I open them on holiday and use them everyday I’m away.

You’d be surprised how fragrance memory works, it’s called association, pair a specific scent to a happy memory and call up that memory again with the scent, easy!

Lael close up

There are other varieties in the range that sound equally delicious, might give the volumising one a whirl – another one to add to the collection!

Fig & Plum – Anti-Frizz
Jasmine and Wild Nettle – Moisturising
Blueberry & Ginseng – Volumising

TommyGuns Pomegranate & Orange Flower Gentle Daily Shampoo 250ml
£4.00 John Lewis

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