Hold onto those eyebrows!

It’s a well known fact, eyebrows thin with age.


And when they do grow,  it’s usually just one long, wiry white hair that springs out at a funny angle.

My eyebrows aren’t too bad, not thin but not Brooke Shields circa 1980 either. This is what I do and why I think it helps:

After applying foundation, I take a clean cotton wool bud, any cheapy brand will do, (for everything else, I can’t wean myself off Johnson’s Cotton Buds) wet it with cold water and rub, quite  vigorously, the opposite way the brow grows, back and forth. It doesn’t matter if skin goes a little pink, it’ll be back to normal when you’ve finished the rest of your make up. Then take the dry end and repeat the process. Do the same on the other eye (well, of course).

This is what I believe it does: Firstly it’ll remove excess foundation and you’ll be surprised at how much comes off but secondly, and more importantly, it will encourage the blood to circulate to the eyebrow hair follicles. This is a good, daily habit to get into. You could also massage your eyebrows in little circles whilst reading emails or even this blog!


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