TIMEBOMB Troubleshooter Neck & Jaw Cream – UPDATE

Timebomb, Troubleshooter Neck & Jaw Cream

Oh jowls, what are you like? You come and you go – some days hardly noticeable, and on others so obvious I can almost feel them flapping in the wind. OK, so perhaps they’re not that bad, but they are there and this is the year these jowls need to finally firm up.

But can they?

The first cream I’ve armed myself with in this neck and jaw war, is the highly rated TIMEBOMB Troubleshooter Neck and Jaw Cream.  Loved by many reviewers and a Beauty Bible award winner for Best Neck Treatment in 2013, I believe this is a good place to start.

Troubleshooter Neck and Jaw Cream is specially formulated to target a drooping jaw line, age spots and crepey skin.

Troubleshooter helps re-balance skin’s “fat-to-firm” ratio and brightens age spots for a more lifted neck and jaw and a more even-toned, wrinkle-resistant décolleté.

  • Addresses serious telltale signs of ageing: jowls, “turkey neck”, crepey skin
  • Targets fatty pockets, firms and smoothes for tighter, lifted look
  • Lightens and brightens (without bleach) to diminish the appearance of age spots and evens tone.


Similar to the way body fat naturally replaces muscle mass as you age, fatty deposits can accumulate when skin’s collagen and elastin production slows with age. And these fatty deposits can take the form of jowls, a saggy neck, or bumpy, uneven décolleté – serious signs of ageing, made worse when mature skin looks mottled or develops age spots due to hyper-pigmentation.

Too often we forget that our face isn’t the only place the telltale signs of ageing appear. Gravity, sun and the environment can take a toll on the neck and chest as well and this delicate skin requires special, targeted treatment.

jowl warning


A revolutionary firming agent derived from Chrysanthellum Extract helps to transform droopy jowls and sagging skin.
Formulated with Lanachrys® (used to combat cellulite) to help break down fatty deposits, this deeply moisturising formula also contains pea extract and hyaluronic acid to enhance collagen and boost elasticity, firming and filling out skin’s appearance.
Plant-derived Tyrostat-11, a special 9-amino based peptide, inhibits pigmentation for lighter, brighter skin.

Morning and evening, apply massaging with upward strokes, to jaw line, neck and décolleté.


At first I thought it wasn’t making any difference, but it has. My neck is a lot smoother and I don’t know if it is the massaging of the cream into the jaw line that has helped to reduce my jowly look as well as the product, but I have noticed a subtle difference and would definitely buy it again.

The texture of the cream is lovely, none greasy and absorbs very well, and the fragrance is gorgeous. Neck lines have definitely become less noticeable and the skin looks much brighter. I dropped a star because I think it’s expensive for anyone on a tight budget (me).

It soaks quickly into my skin and leaves no stickiness whatsoever. My skin seriously absorbs this stuff like it’s thirsty, and it really shouldn’t be considering how much I have always moisturised it!

I find it really smooths my chest/neck area. It’s easily absorbed leaving no greasy feeling. Its smell is delicate and pleasant and not overpowering as some products can be. I have fairly sensitive skin that can flush up easily and I have absolutely no problems using this and I can take it right up to my jaw line.

Forever cautious, especially for a product that’s to be applied to my neck area, I have just completed a 3 week allergy test without any adverse reaction to my sensitive skin.

With a refreshing  lavender fragrance – similar to Timebomb’s Cleansing Cream, the cream is rich in texture, but non greasy.

Applying the cream in upward (and outward) massaging strokes is an important step, don’t just slap it on.

For my jaw line area (I think this is a Su-Man tip), I put my thumbs under my chin and trace outwards along my jaw line and up to my ear lobes. Ideally I’d like to do this 36 times, but I find the cream absorbs so quickly that I can only manage 20-25 strokes.

Oh and of course, the silver ball packaging is just gorgeous!

Timebomb TROUBLESHOOTER Neck and Jaw Cream 45ml £36.00 100ml £73.00 15ml £13.50
Timebomb Skincare Website

UPDATE: 19th March 2015

Eights weeks on and the silver ball is almost empty. How did it do? Well, not bad actually. My chest is the same – those deep lines caused by my ‘sleeping on my side?’ habit are obviously going to be nigh on impossible to smooth, but the central part of my neck has definitely improved and is less crepey and feels smoother to the touch.

My jaw line is s l o w l y coming back, hurrah, although those pesky jowls are still emerging (even though some days, they disappear completely). I really do think massaging (via Troubleshooter Neck and Jaw Cream) along the jaw line as described above under ‘Application Tips’ has helped tremendously. Morning and night, I religiously performed the quick thumbs under-jaw and along to ears massage.

I also used my two middle fingers on each hand and repeated the action just above my jaw line, on my lower face, smoothing the cream to my ear lobes. I think this is a useful massage to do with any smooth moisturiser, although Troubleshooter was perfect for this.

Psst! This is a bit delicate, but as we get older, we occasionally find the odd hair spouting out just under our chin. In the real world, we haven’t got time to wait to get it waxed off (seriously, who’s going to live with a stray whisker sticking out?) so most of us will pluck out that sucker.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means we’re left with tiny, rough bumpy bits under our chin. A fabulous side benefit of Troubleshooter is that it smooths out these bumps. Again, I think it’s the combination of ingredients in the cream and the regular massaging movements that’s the magic at play here – a wonderful discovery!

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