Time Bomb ‘Throwback Thursday’ Overnight Peel and Reveal Kit

Time Bomb 'Throwback Thursday' Overnight Peel and Reveal KitTime Bomb are launching a new skin care treatment product called ‘Throwback Thursday’ Overnight Peel and Reveal Kit which will be unveiled on QVC TSV on 23rd March 2016.

I saw the benefits of sloughing off old, dead skin cells for myself, when I trialled Footner Exfoliating Socks a couple of weeks ago. The newly revealed skin was pink and healthy and more importantly, line free.

Time Bomb’s once a week treatment for all skin types, works using the same principle, but in a much gentler way. I’m still at the ‘patch test’ stage, but should have time for at least one treatment before the official launch. The idea is to carry out the treatment on a Thursday, ready to look fresh and raring to go by the weekend.

Dry skin is particularly a problem in cold weather, although never mind battling the elements, when you’re indoors, moisture sapping central heating is the main culprit. Like most people, I step up my moisturising routine in winter, but it’s not going to be effective if you’re slathering creams and serum onto flaky skin, you’re just moving the cruddy bits around!


This ground-breaking two-step, at-home peel system gets you up and glowing in just one night. While the controversy rages on about which is more effective for complexion clarity, renewal and stimulation: a chemical peel or mechanical dermabrasion? Time Bomb’s Thowback Thursday harnesses the optimal benefits of both technologies.


Step 1
PEEL – AHA Serum (chemical + enzyme exfoliation)

Applied at bedtime, this superlight serum works while you sleep. This optimal blend of chemical and fruits acids (including glycolic, lactic, citric and malic acids) is powerful, but buffered for exceedingly gentle chemical exfoliation results.

Overnight, it dissolves the “glue” which holds the top layer of dry, dead, dull skin cells on the surface of your skin and can make your complexion look drab, uneven and lined.

At night, apply 1-2 droppersful with fingertips to clean, dry skin. Smooth serum evenly over face, avoiding eye area. You may experience a slight tingling sensation.

Step 2
REVEAL – Dermabrasion Cream (mechanical exfoliation)

In the morning, buff away the loosened layer of dead cells with this professional caliber micro-dermabrasion polish.
Formulated with professional-grade, fine-edged crystals, it gently lifts up clinging surface debris and dead cells to uncover your freshest, smoothest most luminous skin surface.

In the morning, take a large coin-size amount and apply it to lightly dampened skin. Massage, using gentle circular motions for 1-2 minutes, avoiding the area around your eyes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


Overnight Peel and Reveal Kit £48.00 from QVC and the Time Bomb website.


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