TIME BOMB Complexion Cocktail B12

TIME BOMB Complexion Cocktail B12
I’m such a sheep! If Lisa Eldridge waxes lyrical about a beauty product then I immediately want to try it for myself. Fortunately, or unfortunately, time and money – Lisa loves her luxury products, prevent me from doing this. Therefore, I’m pleased to be able to trial one of her skin care essentials, Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of B12.

It doesn’t say so on the official website, but I would call this liquid skin boostera moisturising toner.

Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12, formulated with high levels of Vitamins B12 and B3 plus Brown Algae, jolts skin’s own energy production into high gear.
Formulated with Centella and Ginseng, this potent concentrate improves micro-circulation for better skin tone and enlivened colour.
Complexion Cocktail is formulated without a base (a cream or lotion) so that delivery is not impeded and ingredients are not diluted.
A powerful blend of 12 Amino Acids and two types of Hyaluronic Acid replenishes skin’s surface layers and helps retain moisture for immediate visible plumping.


When exhaustion sets in, your body’s micro-circulation slows so that tiny capillaries responsible for feeding facial muscles and skin cells underperform. Skin can slacken, take on an unhealthy pallor.


This formula, with a special blend of hyaluronic acid, provides an infusion of moisture so skin appears plumped-up with a healthy looking complexion. Skin looks refreshed and evenly toned.


  • Apply to dry skin. Pour a small amount in hand, or saturate a cotton ball or cosmetic pad.
  • Lightly massage into skin with circular motions, avoiding eye area.
TIME BOMB Complexion Cocktail B12
Life size, but perfect for hand luggage!
I’m still in the ‘patch test’ phase, but I will be trialling it fully in a couple of weeks.
in the mean time, this is what Lisa has to say about Complexion Cocktail, one of her Holiday Skincare Essentials.

After cleansing I have been using Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12. I thought this would be a good thing to pack as during the first week of the detox process you look like death warmed up. I suffer the effects of sugar deprivation including headaches, sleeping badly, feeling generally horrible and looking like a zombie.
This product contains B vitamins, brown algae, ginseng and 12 amino acids in addition to one of my all time favourite ingredients, hyaluronic acid which helps skin look immediately fresher and more plumped.
The other thing that attracted me was that it’s non greasy and feels just like water, perfect for my oily T zone in baking hot weather. I just poured it into the palm of my hands, rubbed them together and then smoothed and gently patted it in all over. I’ve used it after every shower and swim too.

Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of B12 £24.00
There are two further cocktails in the range:
A Shot of Chlorophyll

To counter the effects of toxins on the skin, whether from external sources – ie pollutants, sun, smoke.

A Shot of H2Omega

Counters the effects of temporary, serious dehydration. Reloads critical moisture and essential fatty acids.

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