There’s confidence…

And then there’s looking like you’re on your way to audition for a part in Street Girls 2.

The annoying thing is that Nancy is already striking enough without having to resort to attention seeking ‘dress up.’ Sure, the lips are a little too big, the hair’s too long and the face is too orange, but she has a great figure and good bone structure.

Nancy’s obviously comfortable with her signature, over the top, wear every trend going – all at once look, and that’s fine for her, she’s happy in her leather skins.

Someone with a different kind of confidence is Mila Kunis, who had the sheer audacity, once again, to be photographed sans make up.

Have you noticed that it’s only ever women who are shocked and bitchy about these things? Generally, men don’t really care when they know how good you CAN look, it’s all in the moment for them. Bless.

I like to think Mila’s expression isn’t saying: ‘Oh oh, papped without my slap!’ but more, ‘Oh, you lot again.’

Now THAT’S confidence.


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