The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density
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UPDATE 17th May 2022

This is a pleasant surprise. I previously wrote that I would update this post when I had finished my second bottle of serum, but the thing is, I’ve not even cracked it open yet but I’m seeing new hair growth just 8 weeks later – on my eyebrows. 

I gave up using the serum on my scalp, it was a bit faffy and I didn’t really need it there (at least not yet, touch wood) but I continued to use it on my eyebrows.

Applying my best-ever idiot and budge-proof eyeliner this morning in my scary magnifying mirror (Tom Ford Emotionproof Eyeliner in shade Chocolat £32.00 Look Fantastic*), I noticed that delicate little hairs have sprung up on the front part of my eyebrows. It’s as if I drew them on in fine, short strokes, but there’s no mistake they are there.

I’m especially pleased because, though I’m a long-time user of the excellent RapidLash Brow serum there was never any sign of growth at the head of my eyebrows.

The hairs on the arch of my brows have grown long and filled in a bit, but I expected that. I’m resisting trimming them and waiting for my brows to be threaded professionally in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I’m taming them with a dab of hairspray.

I’ve never been able to pencil in the front of my brows. I’ve watched tutorials where people draw on a realistic brow on practically bare skin, but it always looks unnatural on me, so I’m blown away by this development.

ORIGINAL POST 15th March 2022

I usually watch YouTube videos when I’m using my anti-ageing devices to relieve the tedium. I love Nadine Baggott’s YouTube channel. She’s a hair, makeup and skincare guru with a lot of experience in the beauty industry.

She does have a habit of talking over her guests but, when she’s presenting on her own she’s fab and is always up to date with the latest products and beauty technology news.

Nadine was doing a piece on hair loss during menopause. She showed how her hair was thinning at the temples and mentioned she was using The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density.

I wear my hair up a lot, either in a ponytail or french twist, so I thought I’m lucky I’ve never had that problem. Then I lifted my hair at the temples and was horrified to see my hair thinning in exactly the same place as Nadine’s.

Obviously, I ordered a bottle immediately.


This concentrated formula is designed to support hair health so that it looks thicker, denser, fuller and healthier.

It can’t grow hair ie new hair follicles where none have been before, but it claims to help hair look visibly denser by strengthening it.

So it looks thicker, denser, fuller. They’re not making extravagant claims or promises.

There are multiple factors around hair loss. Our formula consists of a combination of several active ingredients that work together by visibly strengthening, normalising the scalp, and strengthening the hair follicle through various pathways, which requires a minimal amount for use.

The peptides in Multi-peptide Hair serum have been shown to visibly stimulate new hair growth and also visibly strengthen the existing hair. While we don’t position this product as a hair loss treatment, any hair condition would benefit from visible density improvements this product would offer.


  • Apply a few drops or as needed once daily, ideally at bedtime, to a clean dry scalp
  • Massage into scalp thoroughly
  • This formula is a leave on/in treatment. Do not wash hair or scalp after application
  • You may wish to rinse/wash your hair the next day to remove residue)
  • Patch testing prior to use is advised

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density

This serum has become a bit of a cult product with hundreds of positive reviews – and a sprinkling of poor ones.

Here are some of the more interesting and insightful reviews.


Listen, hair loss is complex. If you really expect ANY topical products, even from other brands, to fix your hair loss, then you’re being unrealistic. Unless it is topical minoxidil, which does work for hair loss.

Hair loss is individual to each person, for me specifically, it’s caused due to hormones, PCOS. For other people, it could be due to stress, trichotillomania, physical health issues, genetics, etc. With so many different causes for hair loss, you cannot expect any one product to work miracles for everyone.

It is best to see a specialist, like a dermatologist if you can afford to see one. Instead of spending money on items online without knowing if they’ll work for you or not.

Since my hair loss is due to my hormones, I actually brought this product for my dry and dandruff scalp and it has reduced the itchiness and dandruff. Hence why I gave it 4 stars. Will it regrow hair for me? I doubt it since my hair loss has internal and chronic causes, but I will continue to use it for my dry scalp.


I started noticing a difference after three months of applying three to four times a week. It is a little moist after application but all is absorbed by the morning with no greasy after-feel. It has been 16 months in total and I am thrilled with the results.

I’m on my third bottle and it is doing an excellent job of creating new growth in areas where I lost hair due to scalp eczema/alopecia. Extremely large patches might take longer. Overall, the health of new hair coming in is clearly improved.

Make sure you learn how to apply correctly – put a drop on your fingertip and then run it into the exact concern areas (usually temples and crown for most people). I apply it almost every night while watching tv etc and gently massage it in to get the circulation going.

It’s a great product for the price and the results – and I’ve also noticed less dandruff over time. You might lose hair in the beginning especially if you’ve ever massaged your scalp before, this is normal.

I wanted to try this as I’ve suffered from thinning hair on the front of my hairline since I gave birth a decade ago. I’ve been using this for almost a year now, and I’ve been amazed by the results.

I have new baby hairs and growth where there has been none for years. My hair is quite fine and the formula can be quite greasy, but a little goes a long way and I use it at night. By morning I either wash my hair or use dry shampoo to counteract any residual oiliness. Will continue to use. Highly recommended.

I bought this product initially about 15 months ago. I’ve seen some good hair regrowth (approx 3 inches). I have a lot of new baby hairs and hairs that are on their way to growing full length.

I used this product along with hair burst shampoo/daily conditioner, biotin tablets, vitamin gummies and hair burst gummies. I’m not sure if this product, in particular, did a lot, but these products together have helped my hair after quite severe hair loss after Covid.


I have been using this serum for about two months. I suffer from a very dry scalp, not dandruff or flakes, but just a very dry itchy scalp. I have noticed that not only has this helped me with the dry and itchy scalp, it has made areas, like the front of my head, have a little bit more density in appearance.

I will note however that around my ear, I have very serious eczema. I did originally put some of this stuff on that area and noticed that it inflamed and caused a little bit of pain. As soon as I stopped doing that, the area healed and went back to being just plain eczema. As the label suggests, it is not a good idea to use it on any kind of already damaged skin.

In terms of hair density and thickness, I’ve definitely seen results in terms of noticing my hair feeling healthier and have been noticing baby hairs growing, which I feel like is a good sign. That being said, I don’t think I saw too huge of a difference yet nor do I think it’ll be a miracle hair growth serum, so I won’t be saying it’s a miracle on that term!

HOWEVER, the one thing that IS a miracle is that this product completely got rid of my dandruff! I had suffered from really bad scalps to the point where I worried I may have had psoriasis/eczema/sebaceous dermatitis. My scalp would be itching everywhere, dandruff everywhere, redness, dryness etc. I tried using dandruff shampoo, but it’d make my scalps so dry and dandruff WORSE. But this completely got rid of that! I have no idea why it got rid of it but my scalp felt so refreshing and then poof, no dandruff or itchiness!

More than a few reviews have mentioned how the serum helps with dandruff or a dry, flaky scalp.


I use it for my eyebrows, as mine are naturally thinner and the results can be seen. This serum does help a lot.

I didn’t think of this, certainly a comb through with a spoolie every night can’t hurt.

I have read that some people use it on their eyelashes, which I absolutely wouldn’t recommend. It’s not formulated for that area and could cause all sorts of serious eye problems. Of course, if The Ordinarily brought an eyelash serum it would fly off the shelves.


This is short and sweet as I only bought it last week.

I went to apply it as soon as it arrived. The fragrance-free serum is very thin and watery. It’s not overly oily but I can see how applying more than a couple of drops would make hair a little greasy.

It was broad daylight but when I parted my hair at the temples ready to apply it and noticed that the hair at my temples wasn’t receding or thin, it was white.

Obviously, I’m pleased, but will continue to use the product at night – and now, after reading above, on my brows. Brow growth products are expensive so this might be an unexpected bonus.

A quick tip, hang your head upside down after applying the serum. Put your head between your knees or lie on a bed with your head over the side. Try and do this for at least five minutes to increase blood flow to your hair follicles.

I can almost guarantee that someone will barge in the first few times you do this and wonder what on earth you’re doing, but persevere, it does work!

Hormones are deceptive little buggers, you never know when they might turn on you. Hopefully, if we create an optimum hair health environment then we’re armed and ready.

I’ll come back to this after I’ve used up my second bottle, patience is the keyword here.


The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Serum for Hair Density 60ml £15.80 BOOTS *

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