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Last year, The Body Shop added new products to their best-selling Drops of Youth™ line.

The Drops of Youth™ range centres around four core ingredients:

  • Sea Holly Plant Stem Cells from the Brittany Coast – Regenerates and revitalises skin structures, supports elastin and collagen cells.
  • Criste Marine Plant Stem Cells – Improves skin elasticity and radiance. Speeds up skin cell renewal.
  • Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells from the Italian Alps – Powerful, natural anti-oxidant to help firm skin and prevent collagen loss.
  • Moringa Seed Oil – Moisturing high omega content, free-radical fighting antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you cross-check these key ingredients you’ll find they’re also used by the big luxury skincare brands ie sea holly and edelweiss plant stem cells can be found in Elemis’ Pro-Collagen Definition Face & Neck Serum. Criste marine features in La Mer and Dior’s Youth Capture line.

Drops of Youth™ LIQUID PEEL 100ml £16.00



Smooth on our Liquid Peel and watch it transform from gel to peel. Rinse to lift away impurities, dead skin cells and pollutants, leaving skin looking clean and feeling fresh.

This is a must-have not only for the face, but to remove all traces of fake tan. Don’t be put off by the words liquid peel, it’s not a peel-off mask as I first thought, (I’m never going there again). It’s a thin, opaque gel that’s applied to dry skin, massaged in and rinsed off.

It’s a little gunky to use, so I massage it in then rinse it off in the shower. It pills and turns into gross little balls of dirt and dead skin.

At first, you think maybe it’s just the product itself clumping up but if you ‘repeat’ an area, then you won’t get those bits the second time around.

If you’re lifting off something like fake tan, the balls change colour and turn orange. It’s a bit ‘ewww’ but then skin afterwards is silky smooth and brighter looking.

I also find it really effective to lift every bit of makeup from your face, even if you’ve double cleansed and think you’ve cleaned every trace of foundation.

It’s very gentle and ideal as a ‘starter peel’ for sensitive skin. You don’t need much product either, just a thin layer.

Drops of Youth™ CONCENTRATE 30ml £28.00, 50ml £36.00

Drops of Youth™ CONCENTRATE


The gel-like texture sinks in quickly to leave your skin feeling fresher and replenished with moisture.
A total bonus for busy lives, we’ve also boosted it with protection from indoor and outdoor pollution. It forms a protective layer on skin to help it feel strengthened and suppler.

This is the best seller (one sold every 23 seconds around the globe) that started off the line and quickly became a cult favourite.

Reviews talk of fading acne scars, blurring out existing spots and softening the creases between eyebrows.

Drops of Youth™ GENTLE FOAM WASH 150ml £10.00

Drops of Youth™ GENTLE FOAM WASH

Enriched with plant stem cells and moringa seed oil from Rwanda, our formula leaves your skin feeling mighty replenished.
Our Foamwash won’t dry out your skin, so it’s perfect for tired, dehydrated skin types in need of a gentle foaming cleanser.

Drops of Youth™ BOUNCY EYE MASK 20ml £18.00


This smooth operator is enriched with plant stem cells and cucumber extract It helps to cool the skin around the eyes, so your eyes appear depuffed and less fatigued.
Our gel eye mask feels dreamy so you can sleep soundly and wake up looking bright-eyed.

Drops of Youth™ BOUNCY JELLY MIST 57ml £16.00


Spritz on before or after makeup to help protect skin from the effects of environmental aggressors, including indoor and outdoor pollution and blue light (that’s your mobile and iPad).
Ultra-lightweight with a bouncy, non-sticky texture, it hydrates skin with 24hr moisture and leaves it feeling instantly fresher, with a natural-looking glow.

Drops of Youth™ ESSENCE-LOTION 160ml £15.00

Drops of Youth™ ESSENCE-LOTION

This unique gel-to-water lotion instantly replenishes skin with moisture. An essential first step after cleansing, skin feels smoother, softer and prepped for the next steps of your skincare routine.

Drops of Youth™ YOUTH CONCENTRATE SHEET MASK 21ml £5.00


Enriched with a concentrated dose of our iconic Drops of Youth™ formula, simply unfold your mask and smooth it on. It’s easy and comfortable to apply and leaves your skin feeling instantly smoother and fresher.

This mask is highly rated. It’s a generous size, fits the whole face and leaves skin looking and feeling hydrated.

One reviewer said, It really absorbs into the skin, great for those days you just feel tired and haggerty, it’s like a nap for the skin. Haggerty – love it!

Drops of Youth™ BOUNCY SLEEPING MASK 75ml £22.00


A gel-cream formula that acts like a second skin for ultimate moisture.
Just like the rest of The Body Shop’s sleeping masks, you simply smooth it on before your head hits the pillow and this bouncy sleeping mask will get to work overnight.

I love the term sleeping mask (it’s everywhere), but really this is an ultra moisturising night cream. Best to apply it a good hour before you go to sleep to let it sink in.

Drops of Youth™ EYE CONCENTRATE 10ml £20.00


Enriched with edelweiss plant stem cells, our unique applicator instantly refreshes the eye contour and smoothes the appearance of lines, bags and fatigue for younger-looking eyes.

Drops of Youth™ YOUTH CREAM 50ml £25.00

Drops of Youth™ YOUTH CREAM

Helps to hydrate and replenish dry, tired or dehydrated skin. Enriched with Community Fair Trade moringa seed oil from Rwanda and three plant stem cells.

A lightweight, easily absorbed moisturiser often used over the Concentrate to lock in hydration.

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