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Finishing Touch Flawless
LADY MOUSTACHE/ CHIN WHISKERS – There, I’ve said it and I know you’re experiencing one or the other.

Excess facial hair is a pain at the best of times and menopause naturally ramps it up a notch. Threading is my ‘weapon of choice’ but of course, it’ll be a long time before I will be able to have that done again. Tweezers are OK as a last resort, but they can sometimes damage the skin and you’re left with little ‘bumps’ where the hair has been pulled out too aggressively, which to be fair, can’t always be helped when there’s a stubborn whisker that needs the strength of ten men to tug it out.

I’m a big fan of Tweezerman Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover (click on the image for my review). But the extreme pain factor means I have to work myself up to using it, so I’m always looking for less agonising alternatives in between salon visits.TWEEZERMAN Smooth Finish Facial Hair Remover

We were asked to order something from Amazon that a friend couldn’t get hold of in their country for his wife. He is more Mark’s friend than mine so naturally, I was nosey curious and wanted to see what it was.

It was a box of replacement heads for a product called Finishing Touch Flawless, a facial hair remover for women.

Finishing Touch Flawless


Oh, interesting I thought. I don’t want something to remove a full-on beard – at least not yet, but for those annoying chinny whiskers and the beginnings of a downy ‘tache, it seemed promising.

Finishing Touch Flawless will completely remove hair from lips, chin, cheeks and even downy ‘peach-fuzz’ that all women get that can ruin a fine-powder foundation or catch sunlight in photographs.


Finishing Touch Flawless looks like a designer, boutique lipstick (yeah, if you’re a giant) so you can keep it in your purse, bag or pocket and use it anywhere without drawing attention (nope, people are going to think it’s a vibrator).

Product was then duly purchased (and I will fight anyone to the death who doesn’t deem this an essential item). It looks very nice, not cheap or flimsy and it feels weighty in the hand. At £19.99 for the battery version, it’s good value for a mini epilator I thought.

I read the instructions, inserted one AA battery (not included, the cheap b…….), switched it on and tentatively used the circular motion as directed. It’s completely painless! I tried it on the moustache area upper part of my mouth and it whipped the fine hairs away in mere seconds. My skin felt very smooth to the touch afterwards.

Before I tried it on my chin, I took a closer look at the device.

The gold plated disc at the top looks just like one of the ones on Mark’s electric shaver. This cap twists off, you tap out the little hairs and keep it clean with the tiny brush included. When switched on it sounds a lot like an electric shaver and the buzzing noise is fairly loud.

Hang on, is this a RAZOR?

I scanned the instructions again. Phew, no mention that it’s a razor/shaver anywhere. I checked Google.

The Finishing Touch Flawless, a battery powered razor marketed to women, makes removing unwanted facial hair quick and painless.


Epilators remove the hair completely from the follicle, while electric shavers/razors just cut the hair.

Obviously, my next thought is that a stubbly moustache is going to grow in and soon I’d be auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent as the bearded lady, so I trawled YouTube looking for someone to tell me it wouldn’t and I found Angie, aka Hot and Flashy. I’ve watched her vlogs before and I can thoroughly recommend them, especially now to pass the time.

In Angie’s opinion hairs can initially feel stubby, but eventually, they will thin out and regrow tapered as normal. There are lots of videos that say differently, but as I can’t physically put all the hairs back, I’m going with Angie.


It does work, but it’s just a shaver, be aware of that. As long as you always have access to it, then I can’t see why this wouldn’t be a really useful tool to keep your ‘tache and chinny hairs at bay. Once you start though, you’ll be bound to it forever.

There is also a rechargeable version (for £39.99) with a USB lead that might be more reassuring if you run out of batteries.

John Lewis is out of stock, but Flawless is still available online at Robert Dyas, Superdrug, (give Amazon a swerve I think they’re selling fakes) and, where I purchase mine from, JD Williams. They were the only place that still had Clairol Root Touch Up in stock. I haven’t coloured my own hair for over 30 years but, needs must. Naturally, I received an email saying it wouldn’t be delivered for another couple of weeks…

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