I’m not seeing much evidence of the Indian Summer we’ve all been promised, it’s dull and rainy and temperatures are starting to drop.

Time to cover up legs, but not time to pack away the fake tan. It’s still perfectly acceptable to go bare-legged when you’re out in the autumn evenings as long as your legs have a healthy tan colour.

If you do want to get back into tights during the day, then a deep golden tan underneath, will make your legs look great and you can get away with sheer tights. There’s plenty of time to get the opaques out when winter bites.

For many middle-aged women, self-tanning is something for the younger generation. Until now, many self-tans have been quite in your face, with a dark tan that doesn’t look natural, or worse still, the dreaded tango look.

TanOrganic, the world’s first and only Eco-certified self-tanning brand, has bucked this trend with a range of products focused on a more natural and subtle looking tan.


Exfoliation is key to having younger looking skin and achieving a flawless self-tan. When you exfoliate, you remove impurities such as clogged pores, acne, skin blemishes, pimples or particularly rough skin and will restore a healthy, radiant complexion.

Always pay particular attention to areas where the skin bunches such as the elbows and knees as this is where the dead skin cells tend to gather. It is also essential to wax or shave at least a day prior to tanning to allow the skin to calm down and settle before any self-tanning products are applied.


Just apply as you would any other body oil and that’s the job done – just be sure to wipe the palms of your hand with a baby wipe when you have finished.

The tan takes about eight hours to develop and it is recommended that you leave it on overnight for best results.


The key to making your tan last is to moisturise you skin daily to keep it hydrated. TanOrganic’s Moisturising Dry Oil, is the ideal product. Also once the tan starts to fade, you can top it up usingTanOrganic’s Self-Tanning Oil. This works as both a moisturiser to keep the skin supple and as a tan extender to help maintain that natural glow.


I’m a long time fan of TanOrganic products. During the summer, one of the beauty subscription boxes had samples of TanOrganic. It was packaged in a small plastic bottle and it was perfect to take away on holiday.

The full-sized products are packaged in glamorous heavy glass bottles. The dry oil formulation glides easily over skin. As long as you follow the golden rule and exfoliate (especially around the feet), beforehand, you’ll achieve a light and even, natural looking colour overnight.

The oil dries quickly which is really helpful and doesn’t leave a tell-tale fake tan residue on your sheets.

I recommend you use the TanOrganic Self-Tan Application Mitt. It has a thumb shape (like a giant mitten), to make it easier to use.  I did think I could get away with just using my hands, but TanOrganic dries so fast, my palms went orange before I could wash it off, and I had to live with the colour and looking like I had nicotine stained fingers for a couple of days.

The oil does have the tiniest whiff of fake tan lurking under the lovely citrus scent, but once you shower in the morning (no scrubbing mind!) it completely disappears.

The dry oil with its much stronger scent of sweet oranges, is multi-use. Soothing and smoothing after a shower, it will help to seal your tan and give a lovely, subtle sheen to legs.


TanOrganic Self-tanning Oil 100ml £24.99
TanOrganic Moisturising Dry Oil £24.99



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