Sun-Believable Highlight Me Bronzing Shimmer & Tan Me Mousse

Sun-Believable Highlight Me Bronzing Shimmer & Tan Me MousseForget the cheesy name – Sun Believable indeed! Leighton Denny’s self tan mousse and bronzing shimmer are actually two really lovely self tanning products, especially for the paler skinned among us.


This rich mousse glides easily onto the skin to create a healthy, bronzed and lasting tan. Creates a sun-kissed to golden skin tone. Suitable for all skin tones.

The guide colour ensures an effortless streak free tan.


Packed with gold and copper micro-light reflective particles to leave skin radiant, glowing and shimmering.

Use wherever light might hit you. Dab across tops of cheek bones, brow bone, bridge of the nose and even the cupid’s bow for a subtly illuminated glow.

There are definitely a couple of points to remember when applying these products, but the payoff is an instant hit of colour that develops into self tan shade that actually looks natural, and is complimented by a not overly shimmery highlighter.


My number one tip is – USE THE MITT! I’ve never known a mousse to dry so fast. Personally, I don’t like using mitts because I always feel the application isn’t as precise as I’d like it to be, especially around the toes. I can’t be the only one who wakes up in the morning expecting an even, golden tan, and then looks down to see I’m suffering from ‘dirty looking toes’ syndrome.

I’m disorganised time poor in the morning, plus the older you get, the bigger your make up bag is and the longer you need to get ready. That’s an extra 5 minutes of scrubbing away with a scourer and some Jif in between my toes that I don’t need to waste.

If you’re like me and don’t use a mitt, then at least have a sink of very warm water and a bar of soap ready to wash hands immediately after application. I actually wash them after each leg, THAT’S how scary orange palms look after using the mousse.

The good news is that the vivid orange shade doesn’t translate to the skin. It’s a tinted mousse, which is always really helpful as an application guide, although, be warned, it does come out of the can a murky foamy green, AND it does have that distinctive fake tan biscuity scent when you first apply it, but it doesn’t dry on the legs that way, the scent just vanishes, hurrah!

I always apply thin layers of fake tan, so the colour I went to bed with wasn’t much different to the one I woke up to. The mousse didn’t decide to go rogue and ‘mahoganise’ me (not even a real word) during the night. It was an even, natural looking, pale gold shade. Obviously, more layers will deepen the colour. There is a ‘dark version of the mousse which is for the hardcore tanners.

This huge bottle of self tanning mousse is going to easily last all summer.


Squeeze this out of the tube (although be gentle, it’s not liquid, but it is slightly runny) and it looks terrifying – dark bronze gel, seeped in glitter. Once applied though, it’s a very subtle shimmer.

It might sound contradictory, but for older women with less a than smooth décolletage, highlighting it with gentle shimmer is actually very flattering and helps blur those creases.


Sun Believable Highlight Me Bronzing Shimmer 100ml £11.50
Sun Believable Tan Me Mousse (in medium and dark) 200ml £25.00 HUGE!

There’s a huge range of Sun Believable products. Tan accelerators, exfoliators to prolong your real or fake tan, body scrubs, moisturiser, mitt and a wash off fake tan.

 Sun Believable range


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