SULIS & THERMAE: Stratum C – Total Hand Care Cream for Mature Skin


Stratum C - Total Hand Care Cream for Mature Skin

Sulis & Thermae is an online retailer specialising in the finest and most luxurious skin care, bath and beauty products brands have to offer. With a strong emphasis on aromatherapy products, Sulis & Thermae cherry pick exquisite items from established companies and new and upcoming brands.

Although luxury doesn’t necessarily come at a price, with items ranging from £2.76 for a bar of Arran Aromatics ‘After the Rain’ hand finished soap to intensive anti-ageing serum, Bioeffect 30 Day Treatment (on trial in March) at £195.00.

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I have an awful lot hand creams – expensive and inexpensive, but I’m a bit lax about using them, or at least, I was. It could be worse of course, but my hands seem to have aged really fast! I think this might be because I don’t like my hands feeling greasy and, this is going to sound awful, but a shop assistant warned me that hand creams can potentially ruin the leather handles on handbags and I do really like my handbags…Shallow? What, me?

Still, I’m paying the price the now, the skin on the back of my hands is not great. With the supplements I’m taking, my nails are long and strong, but my ‘old lady’ hands let me down.

Stratum C, the British menopausal and peri-menopausal skin care brand, known for their range of innovative products specifically targeted to mature skin care needs, have recently launched Stratum C Complete 4 Hand Care Cream.

During the menopause, the body’s natural protection to the elements becomes compromised which can leave skin sensitive and dull.

Women going through this time will recognise the uncomfortable symptoms, including dry, itchy and less supple skin caused by the ageing process which is accelerated during this period – and the hands can often suffer.

Stratum C Complete 4 Hand Care Cream is the ultimate care package for mature hands providing the essential attributes to protect, nourish and rejuvenate hands and nails in one rich, non-greasy, luxuriant moisturising cream.


  1. Matrixyl™ peptides are clinically proven to boost collagen making your hands look younger by reducing the visible signs of ageing.
  2. Keratin amino acids harden nails and help soften cuticles which are often compromised through menopause and the ageing process.
  3. Complete 4 utilises TEGO® Cosmo, a natural, bio-identical ingredient proven in clinical studies to fade age spots and brighten skin.
  4. Finally, Complete 4 contains an FDA approved, non-toxic sun protection factor (SPF) system blocking 88% of UV rays without using harmful ingredients like Oxybenzone.

This rich, scent-free cream absorbs and smooths skin immediately upon application. The only other hand cream I’ve found that does a similar thing is the much-loved (by me), and highly rated (by everyone), L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream (Stratum C’s cream also has skin softening shea butter). The difference is that Complete 4 softens hands but doesn’t leave a slippery sheen on the skin surface – good news for my handbags!

It’s a fairly hefty 75ml tube, so I’m going to generously apply morning and night and leave the tube next to my toothbrush so I don’t forget to use it.

Hands really give your age away. When my boys were younger, they used to torment me with the old ‘pinch skin on the back of the hand, and see how fast it bounces back’ thing. I daren’t even try it now! Actually, that’s a lie, I did do it, but I have a feeling it’ll be dark before the skin snaps back.


Stratum C Complete 4 Hand Cream £19.00 Sulis & Thermae
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