Sleeping Beauty – Silk pillowcase review

Sleeping Beauty - Silk pillowcases

I’ve only slept on this silk pillowcase for five nights, but it’s already earned back its price (£35.00, not as unreasonable as I first thought), ten fold.

It’s comfortable, soothing and cooling – particularly important when you’re slap bang in the middle of menopause, I melt at night. Plus, you wake up with silky smooth hair!


  • Smoother skin – Because silk doesn’t draw moisture from the skin, skin is better hydrated and doesn’t become parched and dry, which in turn, can create wrinkles.
  • Beauty products work more efficiently – Silk doesn’t absorb skin care products the way cotton does, therefore those night-time creams and serums have a fighting chance to work their magic.
  • Less skin irritation – Silk is a natural product and hypoallergenic ie unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Dust mites can’t tolerate silk, which I didn’t know, but I wonder if it’ll help my rosacea in the long-term?
  • Less of those pillow face creases – I still sleep on my side (bad habit I can’t seem to break!)
  • Eliminates messy ‘bed hair’ – I’ve already seen that this does work. Silk is smoother and kinder on the hair than cotton.

I’ve read reviews that say the high molecular form of protein in silk can help prevent hair loss, but I’m not so sure. Are people finding hair loss decreases because the smooth silky surface isn’t tugging at the hair and pulling it out when we toss and turn at night?


The best quality and most durable silk, is Mulberry silk, so named because the cultivated silkworms that produce it are fed on a diet of mulberry leaves.

The best weave is charmeuse, shiny on one side and dull on the reverse.


Silk regulates your body temperature by trapping air next to your skin, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Silk proactively helps to retain moisture in your skin and hair, helping minimise wrinkles and prevents “bed head” frizz and static.

The John Lewis pillowcases are 100% Mulberry silk and though the product description doesn’t state that it’s charmeuse, I think it is because it fits the criteria, see my photo below – shiny on the outside, dull on the inside.

Silk pillowcase

This is a high quality pillowcase; there’s a real weight to the fabric, a satin-smooth finish to the silk, a generous flap to securely hold in the pillowcase and precise, strong (although not double) stitching.

I chose the shade Latte, a gorgeous, shimmery pale coffee colour. It looks almost grey in my photo, but the one on the John Lewis website is a more accurate representation of the colour.

This a luxury item that can honestly be termed as a beauty aid, plus it’s undeniably glamorous, to look at and sleep on!

I will fess up and admit I bought two, purely for balance of course, a lone one would upset the look of the bed – at least, that’s my excuse. Obviously, I whip Mark’s one away before his head hits the pillow.


Quality silk pillowcases are expensive, but I wonder if it would be cheaper to buy a length, say half a metre, of Mulberry silk (with charmeuse weave), and drape it over your pillow instead? Worth a thought!

Silk Pillowcase £35.00 John Lewis

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