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Finally, a product that will deliver a delicate sheen to your skin without making you look like you’ve fallen into a vat of glitter. St Tropez Skin Illuminators have been out for a couple of years now. I only started using this product late last year, and here is why:

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Disguising crepey skin with deep lines on your chest area is difficult. Don’t apply foundation to the area — it will simply sit in the grooves, which can be ageing. Instead, try using St Tropez Gold Skin Illuminator mixed in with your day cream. It gives the impression of more radiant skin

I thought why not? I’m paying the price for always sleeping on my side, so I’ll give it a go. It did seem a bit crazy though, literally highlighting the area I wanted to disguise, but I’ll try anything.

It comes in three hues:
GOLD – For skin with yellow and gold undertones
ROSE – For Skin with blue, pink and violet undertones
VIOLET – Adds an iridescent sheen to any skin tone

The sales assistant recommended the Rose shade as my skin has definite pink undertones, but sometimes you just know better,  I opted for the gold one, and I was right.

I absolutely love the scent. In the tube it smells like a very expensive beauty salon, once applied it smells of ‘holiday’, I’m not kidding, try it.

I would definitely recommend that you test out all the shades before you buy, ‘gold’ was not supposed to be my shade. I believe that whatever your skin shade is, from dark to pale, one of these is for you. Even very pale women can use this to perk up their skin, the gold one has the most iridescence, which isn’t much to be honest, it’s very subtle and the rose has the least. Violet is obviously the most ‘fun’ one for girls.

I’m really not of an age where I can wear an illuminator on the top of my cheekbones, it looks all kinds of wrong, but on younger skin, it’ll kick up the glam factor.

I mix it with moisturiser, apply it to my décolletage and my chest area just…I dunno, it just looks better.

Otherwise, as they say:

Apply to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and cupid’s bow of the lips to highlight the face. Can also be used along legs, shoulders, and décolleté to add definition and give a fashionable finish to skin

This is a really lovely, ‘get ready for summer’ product, although I use it all year round and at just over £10 for 50ml it’s great value as you only need a tiny amount.

St Tropez Skin Illuminator

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