Sephora launches in the UK

Sephora launches in the UK
Photo by Amir Seilsepour on Unsplash

Well, it’s about time! I have been waiting for Sephora to return to the UK for years.

Imagine, there’s a whole generation out there that doesn’t even remember Sephora shops the first time around.

As I recall:

  • Tons of brands beautifully set out on glossy displays.
  • Burly, uniformed security guards (guarding makeup, how exotic we thought when of course they were watching out for people doing a runner with the good stuff).
  • Beautiful, but thickly made-up sales assistants who were only too happy to bend over backward for you to get that perfect shade of lipstick.
  • The distinctive black and white striped paper bags full of freebies the sales assistants would throw in after your purchase.

Of course, here in the UK, it’s all online now. Sephora bought out Feel Unique which has rebranded as Sephora.

Something I’ve been dying to try – though I hadn’t realised how expensive it is, is the Tarte brand which I couldn’t find anywhere in the UK. The eyeshadow palettes are raved about.


Plus, of course, Tarte’s famous Shape Tape concealers.

TARTE Shape Tape™ Family Sephora *

Tarte shape tape

Sephora also has its own brand collection. Lots of subtle copycats of big brands and highly regarded.

SEPHORA COLLECTION 8 Eyeshadow Palette -Wishing You £10.99 Sephora *Sephora

All the big brands are there, plus a lot of niche brands. I’ve always wanted to try Yuni’s biodegradable shower sheets. These would’ve been great during the heatwave.


Admittedly, I’m finding the website a bit clunky to use and the typeface is too harsh, but I’m sure these little niggles will be ironed out soon.

In the meantime, welcome to the UK Sephora, I’ve missed you!

Sephora  *

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