Selina Scott – Stunning in her mid 60s

Copyright Neale Haynes Selina Scott
Selina Scott – Copyright Neale Haynes

Selina Scott Olivier Awards 2013
Selina Scott looked absolutely beautiful at the Olivier Awards on Sunday.

Admittedly, I’m not keen on her dress and shoes – they scream comfortable, but then again, Selina has always marched to the beat of her own drum. Whether it’s fighting with the BBC and Channel 5 over their ageist policies towards women, designing socks for AGE UK Yorkshire, or shock horror, keeping her private life resolutely private.

Mail Online

Unlike many women her age, Selina seems happy to age gracefully, and has not turned to fillers or resorted to more extreme measures

Well, there’s no sign of obvious ‘pillow fillers’ celebs are so fond of at the moment. Her face is definitely fuller (see the photo from a few years back, below), yet she’s still very slim. The lines on her face are softer too and her neck is less crepey…

As the woman in Harry Met Sally said, “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Selina Scott

The longer hair suits her, it’s a flattering length, the shorter style was too choppy. I think that as long as it’s in a ‘classic’ style, then there’s no reason not to stick with the same hairstyle you had when you were (a little bit) younger. Thankfully, it’s now an outdated trend to have to cut your hair short when you hit 50.  Selina’s fringe, sitting just on her eyebrows, is also spot on, it’s both flattering and cheaper and safer than Botox.

However, if you are considering having Botox, then read this forum on a website called Real Self. Advice from real women who have had botox, with helpful information, possible side effects, plus photos of results, good and bad. It’s not a scaremongering site, a lot of women (and men) seem to be very happy with their treatments.

Selina Scott
Lucky for Selina that she does look so good, as the Mail Online writers would’ve ripped her to shreds. They’d publish two side by side photos of her, one from 20 years ago and a recent one and compare them, then write about how much she’s let herself go.

Don’t even get me started on Mail writer Amanda Platell, who was upset when a few people were unpleasant to her after she underwent a (temporarily) disfiguring eye operation. She asked that women be a little kinder to one another and not always be so quick to judge on appearance.

The article was published only a week after she had a pop in print about Kate Bush’s weight and suggested Kate would be perfect as a replacement for Dawn French in the Terry’s Chocolate Orange ads. Kate had just received a CBE from the Queen for service to UK music.

I appreciate that Amanda, along with the self-confessed, very beautiful, Samantha Brick, is a hatchet journo and writes controversial articles to provoke readers’ outrage only to keep the page impressions up and the advertisers happy, but even she should have sat on the ‘poor me’ article a little while longer after her bitchfest against Kate Bush, music icon.


 *goes for a little lie down*

Where was I? Oh yes, Selina Scott, gorgeous. Take that, Samantha Brick.

Selina Scott


    • April 29, 2013 / 3:07 pm

      She does and more importantly, she looks NATURAL!

      As you know, when you age, you naturally lose volume in your cheeks and it can make you look gaunt, especially if you’re very slim. Selina did look like this a few years ago, but her face now is visibly plumper and therefore younger looking, yet she certainly hasn’t put on any weight and doesn’t look surgically altered at all. She’s done something and I need to know what it is! Her neck too looks amazing.

  1. 41andcounting
    April 29, 2013 / 10:37 pm

    She looks fantastic, but I am inclined to think she may have had a little help – otherwise I need her anti wrinkle cream!!
    Totally agree with you about her hairstyle and also think the colour is much softer too.
    Can only hope I look half as good at 61!

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