Sebopure & Silver and Birch Exfoliating Face Wash By Clarol

Sebopure & Silver and Birch Exfoliating Face Wash BY Clarol

There’s been a lot of buzz around this new skin care range for acne. UK brand Clarol have produced Sebopure, a unique product for adult acne, which is the first sebum purifier to come onto the market to treat acne in a new and innovative way.


Acne is predominantly caused by an excess of sebum (oily skin) which attracts dirt, resulting in bacterial build-up that leads to break outs and congested skin. People with acne tend to over produce sebum.


Sebopure contains a patented preserver ingredient derived from wild mustard leaf oil called Pixalia ™ which works by both decreasing the amount of serum produced, while at the same keeping sebum pure and clean through neutralising the oxidisation process and preventing bacterial build-up.

Acne sufferers know that harsh anti-bacterial products can dry out their skin along with the spots, which leads to more soreness and excessive flaking.

Sebopure increases the skin’s natural moisturising deposits called glycerides, aiding the skin’s elasticity and smoothness while protecting from break outs.

Via purifying sebum production, pore blockages and inflammation are reduced and sebum production itself begins to naturally diminish.


Apply a small amount to clean skin. Leave to dry for two minutes before applying other products or leave on overnight.

Sebopure is suitable for oily or combination acne-prone skin and is a vegan product that is free from parabens, perfumes, SLS and MI.


Try not use anything else on the face when using Sebopure. Anti bacterial washes could counteract the effects of Sebopure.

If you want to feel that skin is cleansed properly before using Sebopure, then use a chemical free, water free, cleanser.

My reviewer is using Clarol Silver and Birch Exfoliating Face Wash before he applies Sebopure.

The wash contains natural equivalents of both salicylic acid and methyl salicylate, two synthetic chemicals commonly used in anti-acne products.

Studies have found that a natural substance in Birch Bark called betulin helps reduce inflammation in acne-prone skin.

MicroSilver ™ is a natural and smart anti-bacterial agent.

Exfoliation helps remove dead and infected skin cells on the skin’s surface that can trigger acne and helps skin re-generate new and healthy skin cells.

The wash has a fresh, menthol (tea tree) scent. Skin feels slightly tight after use, but the application of Sebopure (a white cream/gel hybrid that becomes transparent after it’s rubbed in) immediately relieves this feeling.

We’ll come back to this review when the tubes are empty, which will also give an indication of how long they last.

People suffer terribly when they have acne – or any skin condition, especially on the face, with Sebopure, Clarol have devised a new way to tackle this problem by working with the skin, it’s Science plus nature.


Clarol Sebopure 50ml £12.95
Clarol Silver and Birch Exfoliating Face Wash 75ml £11.95


Clarol UK


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