Scott & Bailey – Criminal Make Up: UPDATED AGAIN!

Suranne Jones

I have to update this because Suranne Jones has not only won an National Television Award for Best Performance in a Drama for Doctor Foster (just how good was that show? It also deservedly won Best Drama and it’s back next year), she’s pregnant, positively glowing and her eyebrows are spot on!

Credit where it’s due, she looks absolutely beautiful and stunningly elegant. You see, you CAN do glamour when pregnant, a few celebrity ‘mums-to-be’ should take note…

ORIGINAL POST (which I feel guilty about now, but won’t take down, integrity and all that jazz).

Maybe it’s me being ultra picky, but in the new series of Scott & Bailey, Lesley Sharp’s heavy black eyeliner, deeply reminiscent of Princess Diana’s in that Panorama interview, and Suranne Jones’ misshapen, drag queeny eyebrows, jar on me a bit.

In the first series, I put it down to ‘gritty realism’. Here were two busy, time poor detectives more interested in solving crime than wasting precious moments plucking eyebrows, or perhaps so rushed in the mornings that they hastily lined their eyes with any old blunt eye pencil close to hand.

But then I looked up past photos of the actresses and saw that these criminal acts were actually all their own handiwork and that they both have sported these ‘unique’ looks for years.

I can’t help wondering why the make up artists on set don’t have a quiet word with them both.

lesleysharpeyelinerLesley needs to ditch the ageing black eyeliner and mascara – black nearly always looks too harsh on blondes, and not only switch to a much more flattering brown pencil, but also line only two-thirds of her beautiful blue eyes.

surannejonsbaileySuranne however, simply needs to have her brows professionally reshaped and ‘coaxed’ into a thicker line.  Perhaps even styled on Liz Hurley’s post makeover brows?


This is interesting, here’s a recent (Wednesday 17th April), photo of Suranne performing in a play called ‘Beautiful Thing’ at the Arts Theatre. Check out her newly plucked and shaped eyebrows. The hair colour is too light for her,  as are the eyebrows, but that could just be for the part. She’s definitely going in the right direction.

Talking of direction, Suranne would look even more stunning if she brought down her brows (pencil/powder/brushing), to lie on the brow bone. Drag artists tend to ‘white’ out their own eyebrows and draw in new, feminine shaped ones above their brow bone. This is a lesson to women not to pluck too zealously from underneath and risk their eyebrows looking ‘draggy’.

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  1. October 4, 2017 / 10:58 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Every time I see the otherwise-gorgeous Suranne Jones, I feel profoundly irked by her brows. As you wrote, why didn’t any of the on-set makeup artists over the years tell her to stop overplucking them? I suspect that, at this point, they won’t grow back, which is a pity. (Very annoying that repeated plucking will kill brow hairs but not other facial hairs!)

    • October 6, 2017 / 3:36 pm

      Hi, Hi Ho (Hi Ho),
      That last line – SO TRUE!
      She looks so much better now they’ve been shaped. In Dr Foster you saw the (natural) beauty that she is.
      You’re right re her brows not growing back (same with Pamela Anderson), I keep thinking how much more incredible looking they’d both be with subtle microblading. But perhaps Suranne isn’t that vain? She’s such a terrific actress, she lets her talent speak for herself without stressing over the little things.
      I’ll tell you what does annoy me though, bloggers and beauty editors hailing microblading as a new ‘wonder’ treatment. It’s just eyebrow tattooing with a fine needle!

  2. Dawn
    June 30, 2019 / 6:31 pm

    Just started watching season 1 of Scott and Bailey. I love it. Suranne Jones is amazing ( just as she is in ‘Gentleman Jack’ as well).

    I must say, though: the eyebrow oddity in Scott and Bailey is terribly distracting to the viewer, in my opinion! The left brow is fully a centimeter lower than the right, and both brows are much too long. This was clearly by design. It’s so obvious.

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