Rossi Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing Oil

Rossi Uvema Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing OilRossi Rice Bran & Borage Seed Cleansing Oil is a natural oil cleanser blended from Jojoba, Borage Seed and Avocado Seed botanicals. Packed full of antioxidants, this is a skin conditioning cleanser, formulated with high quality cold pressed oils, suitable for the most sensitive of skin.

More comforting than cold lotions, and more nourishing than many micellar waters, the cleanser contains only the purest high quality cold pressed oils, such as Jojoba, Avocado Seed and Grapeseed Oils.

Excellent for sensitive skin, the oils work to gently cleanse, moisturise and condition.

The cleanser also contains two miracle ingredients that have been proven to work wonders throughout the ages:


Rice bran oil was traditionally used by women in Japan to keep their skin smooth.

It improves skin’s elacticity, keeps skin soft, soothes irritations, improves complexion and evens skin tone.


Borage seed oil, one of the richest known sources of GLA, an essential fatty acid, is growing in popularity with quality beauty brands because of its positive effects on skin texture, suppleness and moisture content.


Use a cotton pad, apply and gently wipe over the required areas.

100% natural ingredients. No Parabens, Sulphates, Petro- chemicals, PEGs, Phthalates, plastic fillers or other synthetic chemicals which could be harmful to your skin.


The cleanser comes in a glass bottle with a pump-action spray. To protect the oil from light, I would store it in its box – which is 100% recyclable, but extremely robust.

I’m probably the only one who thinks this, but I get a faint whiff of edible rice paper/amaretto, when I first use the oil.

The oil pumps out in a thin stream, but it’s thick enough not drip everywhere. I would suggest using less pumps than you think you need.

It was probably the fastest I’ve ever removed my make up, it dissolved it well after a couple of swipes in each area.

Now, because this is a proper oil, not one of those dry ones, it will leave an oily residue on skin afterwards.

If you have dry skin, you can reap the skin conditioning benefits, and massage the reminder into your skin in firm, upward and outward strokes.

If you want to remove all traces of oil, then use a gentle toner. I used Nspa Micellar One-Step Cleanser because I wanted to see if my skin was completely free from foundation and it was, no sign of anything at all left on the cotton wool pads.

As expected, skin does feel lovely and soft afterwards.


Rossi Rice Bran & Borage Seed Face Cleansing Oil (100ml) – RRP £14.75 Rossi Uvema
Key stockists of Rossi Uvema include,, and Bubbles & Light in Hampstead, London.


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