Rosie for Autograph: Amazing Radiance Body Glow

Amazing Radiance Body Glow

This product was knocking about in a drawer, (along with a couple of other items I’ll never use), from last year’s Marks & Spencer Beauty Advent Calendar. I had no need for it until the recent sunny weather, but now, it’s a staple and a bit of a life saver for those of us cursed with deathly pale legs.


Lightly tinted lotion to enhance your natural glow.

Glow with our gorgeous tinted moisturiser from Autograph. Made in collaboration with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and in her signature rose gold packaging, our radiance body cream will give you runway worthy skin, with light reflective particles giving skin a radiant finish.


M&S seem a bit confused by what this product actually is; it’s been described variously as a lotion, body cream and moisturiser on their website. I certainly wouldn’t call it a cream, because it’s fairly runny, it doesn’t feel particularly moisturising either, so it’s a body glow lotion. Don’t store it on its lid though, because the product will come pouring out when you open it and you really do need only a little because it’s wonderfully slippy.

Body Glow applies smoothly, it doesn’t streak and – the biggie – doesn’t come off on your clothes. The tint lasts all day – even in a light rain shower which was a bit scary, until you wash it off.

It dries fairly quickly and the light reflective particles, which put me off it before I’d even opened it for fear of shiny shimmery disco legs, is surprisingly subtle. You notice it more in bright sunlight, but it’s not screamingly obvious, just glowy.

The tint isn’t overly deep (medium skin toned people need not apply), so I double up and brush on a light layer of bronzing powder. I’m still loving Body Shop Honey Bronze™ Bronzing Powder by the way. It locks in the colour and looks very natural.

There is only one thing though that might put you off and that’s the fragrance. I’m sensitive to smell at the best of times, but this scent knocks it out of the park, it’s very cloying. I read that someone likened it to Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle and yes, I get that, it is – I always felt that perfume was very overpowering. If you can get over the heavy scent (and even I got used to it eventually) then this comes highly recommended.

Teamed with bronzing powder, I would compare it to Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Tan Glow for the ‘cover all blemishes’ polished finish. It’s easier to control and you don’t need as much, which makes this one better value.

Rosie for Autograph Amazing Radiance Body Glow 120ml £12.50 Marks & Spencer *Affiliate link

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