Silver Serum

Actually, I should add acne, eczema and psoriasis to the title of this piece, because this serum is designed to help all of these skin conditions.

‘Silver Serum’ from Skin Shop is an anti-bacterial skin care treatment that contains a patented form of silver, called MicroSilver ™. It works by specifically seeking out and destroying ‘bad skin bacteria’ while letting good skin flora flourish and multiply.

When prescribed and ‘heavy duty’ anti-inflammatory skin care products do work, they will help reduce spots and blemishes, but the downside is that when they dry out the inflammation, skin can end up becoming extremely dry, flaky and sore. Anyone (of a certain age), remember Oxy 10?

The idea behind Silver Serum is that it will get rid of the spot inducing bacteria, but leave healthy bacteria behind, so skin doesn’t dry out, or become tight and uncomfortable.

Silver Serum is also designed to remain active on the skin for several hours after application, so keeping skin constantly guarded against becoming populated with bad skin bacteria.

  • MicroSilverhas been found in two studies to reduce inflammation and infection in skin lesions
  • Silver Serum contains 0.1% MicroSilver ™ ingredient and stays active on the skin for up to eight hours
  • Silver Serum helps reduce infection and inflammation of blocked pores, small surface pimples & blackheads. It can also help reduce acne symptoms associated with acne rosacea
  • Free from parabens, perfumes MI and SLS

Apply to the face morning & night after cleansing.
Apply to whole face & any other affected area.
Do not wash off.

The reviews on the Skin Shop website are overwhelmingly positive, although there are of course, a few from people who didn’t get on with the product.

I thoroughly recommend you read the longer reviews; people of all ages (from 14 to 67), with skin conditions ranging from teenage spots to adult acne, rosacea, redness and whiteheads, write in great detail about their skin care journey.

When you read what they’ve been through, it’s obvious that there comes a point when they will try anything to alleviate their symptoms and it’s heartening to see that Silver Serum was a life changer for them.

Impressively, a number of reviewers have been able to give up their prescribed retinoid creams/gels and antibiotics. I was prescribed Oxytetracycline at one point for my rosacea, which to be fair, did work for a while, but like a lot of people, I felt uncomfortable with the idea of using antibiotics long-term, so gave up after a couple of three-month courses. I would’ve been delighted if a mere serum would have produced the same results.

Silver Serum 75ml £12.95 Skin Shop
Silver Serum

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