ROSACEA SPECIAL: NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer

I’m willing to bet that anyone suffering from rosacea will have, at some point, tried a green tinted moisturiser to counteract the redness. The idea of course, is that a cool green will cancel out a warm (rosy) red.

There are lots of green tinted moisturisers and correction foundations on the market, NYX’s famous Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer is worn under foundation, with the aim to tone down redness and prepare your skin for make up.

Prepare your canvas with our silky primer. The Studio Perfect Primer formula is easily absorbed, creates a smooth surface for foundation, and ensures the longevity of your makeup.

Available in 3 shades:

  • Clear – To cover fine lines and large pores
  • Lavender – To brighten and illuminate yellow undertones
  • Green – To conceal redness.

It’s a love/hate thing, with reviewers either praising it or people saying it didn’t do anything at all for their redness.

I got this in the green. It didn’t cover the red but it definitely helped to mute it. It felt like I was rubbing silk on my face and I haven’t had an oil problem today. (Normally I get pretty oily.) My foundation didn’t like it but it’s probably because I was using a BB cream instead of a “real” foundation. I feel like I should have just let it sit for a bit longer before applying my foundation.

I think people think this acts as a concealer, this is a primer and I found it preps the skin perfectly. It is supposed to mute the reds & yellows not cover them. That is what concealer and foundation are for. I have both purple & green. The green worked better with my complexion [olive with minor blemishes or redness].

I don’t think that the coloured ones have enough pigment to neutralise what they are supposed to neutralise.

I got this primer because I heard it was similar to the Smashbox Photo Primer. I also needed the green because I deal with a lot of redness and acne. It goes on very smoothly, and works way better than I expected for the price. Definitely the best primer I have used so far, in comparison to Maybelline Baby Skin and Elf Mineral Primer.


NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer has a sheer (almost translucent), runny consistency with a silky smooth texture.

Don’t be worried about channelling your inner Princess Fiona, there’s no obvious green tinge. The colour pay off is subtle enough for men to be able to use it too without it looking obvious.

It’s silicone based, so it lies on top of skin and helps ‘fill in’ pores. As an added bonus, a tiny bit applied under the eye area helps to smooth out a few fine lines.


  • Shake the tube before use, as the colour can sometimes separate.
  • Use only where you need it and not all over or it’ll make your face look super shiny.
  • Allow the primer to ‘settle’ onto skin before applying make up on top.
  • Dab foundation onto skin so as not to move the primer around underneath.

NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer 30ml £11.00 NYX
NYX Cosmetics (UK)
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