RHYTHM 108 Good-For-You dessert bars

RHYTHM 108 Good-For-You dessert bars

When I was asked to review RHYTHM 108 Good-For-You Dessert Bars, I had no idea they were delicious, cake like squares you can warm up in the microwave. I was thinking more along the lines of those dry, sawdusty muesli bars my boys like to snack on.

These Swiss made organic bars are wheat and gluten-free. High in calcium and fibre, they don’t contain any added sugar, artificial flavour or preservatives.

The 5 varieties are:

  • Apple Pie
  • Banana Muffin
  • Choco-Walnut Brownie – If you only buy one flavour, make it this one!
  • Coconut Macaroon
  • Lemon Cake

We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box to develop healthy versions of your favourite treats, bringing imagination and fun back into healthy eating.
Siddhi Mehta, founder of Rhythm 108

RHYTHM108 Good-For-You dessert bars

The cake squares are on little parchment trays, so you can pop one in the microwave for 10/20 seconds to heat up – I think warming them really enhances the flavour. The calorie count starts from 159 per 42 gram bar.

Each bar contains dates, for sweetness, and half a glass of Swiss milk and all of the ingredients – never more than 8 in each recipe, are instantly recognisable, no looking them up online – hurrah!


It’s not the cheapest, but it’s a lot bigger than others I’ve tried…which good if you’re hungry, but want to avoid junk food.

These bars are excellent – the coconut is very tasty and it is a great satisfying snack. Lovely simple ingredient list which is reassuring.

A guilt free snacking option – also makes an excellent breakfast substitute if you are running short of time.

The Banana Muffin one was definitely my favourite treat as it was the most moist and flavourful.


I was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful gift box of all 5 bars along with funky test tubes of dried strawberries, coconut flakes and matcha green tea powder, to add to recipes if I wanted to break up the bars and make cheesecake or muffins.

Also in the box were 3 thin tubes of neon liquid, which, I’m ashamed to say, I thought were also flavourings, although the bright purple one didn’t strike me as a particularly healthy option.

They were of course, glow sticks. I know, I’m so much older than I thought. They were included in the box as part of the company’s ethos, which is to make healthy eating young and fun. The thing is, craving something sweet is ageless!

I must admit, I’ve only tried the Choco-Walnut Brownie, my boys devoured the other ones mere seconds after I took the above photo. The banana and coconut ones were the top scorers.

But oh, that brownie! I’m so pleased I got there first. Warmed up, it was satisfyingly chocolatey and intense, but it didn’t have that dark, dark chocolate taste.

Now, I wouldn’t normally say this, especially about chocolate brownies, but hand on heart, they’re filling enough for you to cut them in half. A treat now, a treat later.


RHYTHM 108 bars RRP­ £1.60 per bar.




Independent health stores. Revital stores, The Natural Kitchen, Heartcore Studios, Good Vibes Studios, Yoga West, Bumblebee Natural Foods London, The Health Zone, Wimbledon.

Rhythm 108 have an Amazon UK store, but of course, the brownies are sold out – I wouldn’t expect anything less!


These are quite tricky to find online. I’m buying some for myself and family and friends, so I’ve bitten the bullet and bought a dozen from Superfooduk on Amazon for approx £1.90 a bar.

Admittedly, that is extortionate a lot, but I will cut them in half, or quarters – sometimes you only need a tiny chocolate hit. I just can’t face another Chocolate Chip Snack-A-Jack, especially when I have to break them up to find the bits with the most chocolate pieces – Is it just me who does that?

Rhythm 108 Dessert Bars, the sweet treat that redefines traditional healthy snacks.

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