YOPE is a brand of personal and home care products produced in Poland and created by the husband and wife team, Karolina, and Pawel Kuklińska-Kosowicz. The products are formulated with skin-safe, environmentally friendly ingredients, and distinctive fragrances.

5% of profits from Linden Hand Soap and Linden Shower Gel supplied to Waitrose supermarkets is donated to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

We believe that it’s our responsibility to help restore the habitat for plants and animals, and to invite our customers to become a part of this process. After all, with every passing year there are fewer and fewer bees to pollinate our plants, and it’s up to us to support them. That’s why we donate part of our profit from the sale of Linden products to a charity that’s planting meadows in urban areas. Together, we’re giving millions of pollinators a home which is making a difference to our ecosystem.

I was asked to try the three latest products from YOPE’s Linden range.

I hadn’t heard of linden flowers before, at least I thought I hadn’t until I tried the liquid soap.

The scent is described as floral, herbaceous, and uplifting, like sun-kissed linden blossoms on a warm spring day. But I know it from Jo Malone’s French Lime Blossom Cologne, because linden flowers are also known as lime blossoms.

The products also contain extracts of flaxseeds, chamomile, and marigold to reduce inflammation and speed regeneration of skin, but there’s no mistaking that familiar scent.


YOPE Natural Shower Gel Linden 400ml £5.25

A soothing formula that features mild cleansers, moisturising botanicals and a sun-kissed scent like linden blossoms on a warm spring day.

Non-drying foaming agents in a pH-neutral formula are gentle on the skin but tough on impurities, while a complex of active plant-based ingredients keeps skin hydrated and happy. They have added allantoin plus linden blossom, chamomile and marigold extracts to bring lasting comfort and hydration.

The scent is more subtle than the liquid soap, but still imparts a happy feeling, summer fragrance. Scent can uplift us, especially on dark, chilly mornings as we’re all in the same boat, trying to hurry winter on and put this year behind us.

YOPE  Natural Moisturising Hand And Body Lotion Linden 300ml £7.99

Moisturises deeply and relieves dryness for smooth, tightness-free skin. With shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil and allantoin for lasting moisture and comfort. Contains nutrient-rich flaxseed oil and soothing extracts of chamomile and marigold flowers. We’ve added antioxidant linden blossom extract, rich in protective flavonoids and nourishing vitamins and minerals. The result? Supple, healthy skin plus a sun-kissed fragrant lift.

The fragrance is light and fresh. The milky white lotion sinks in fast without any stickiness.

I like to keep it next to the sink with the liquid soap, so my imaginary guests (I’m thinking back to the olden days now) can moisturise their hands after washing them. Actually, it’s very useful, we’re all washing our hands constantly and while the liquid soap isn’t at all drying, it’s nice to treat hands afterward.

YOPE Natural Hand Soap Linden 500ml £5.99

A gentle hand wash with a sun-kissed scent like linden blossoms on a warm spring day. Made with a special combination of cleansing ingredients that support the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

Contains moisturising flax seed oil and soothing extracts of chamomile and marigold. We’ve added linden blossom extract, rich in protective flavonoids and nourishing vitamins and minerals.

Easily everyone’s favourite. Bars of soap are a thing of the past it seems and we’re all washing our hands with liquid soap now.

It’s a big satisfying bottle, at a good price and the fragrance gives me strong hints of French Lime blossom – beautiful.

All YOPE products are gentle and non-toxic, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, vegan-friendly which makes them safe for children and people with sensitive skin.


YOPE is a lovely brand with a huge range of carefully considered and well-researched products as well as funky illustrations to show they don’t take themselves too seriously.

The ethos behind it is commendable, no harmful chemicals, environmentally safe, and of course, we’re helping to conserve the ecosystem. It’s not something we think about in winter but come next summer, when we’re finally free to smell the flowers, we can take a moment to appreciate the bees too.



Currently sold in approximately 200 Waitrose stores, Feelunique and AFTERBeauty. Coming soon to Sainsbury’s.

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